Saturday, July 2, 2011

Friday I'm in Love -- Saturday Edition

So here I am, thinking I'll follow the cute blog trend of making weekly blog posts about ~things I love~ and what happens? I get completely sidetracked and even temporarily forget that it's Friday. My first installment, and I miss it!

Well, it's Saturday, I have to work during the pre-4th of July parade rush (and then miss said parade), then wander around town without a break and get my butt down to the park for 4th of July fireworks and festivities until late into the evening. Since I'm going to be on my feet most of the day, I'm going to indulge myself.

1. These Finsk Cinza wedges

My god. Aren't these things crazy? I'm so in love with how Lady Gaga they come off as. If I had $999.95, I'd really consider them.
(Find them here.)

2. Almost anything by Jeffrey Campbell

 Do I even need to elaborate?
(Find them here.)

3. Almost anything by Moon Raven Designs

I can't quite fully explain how much I love this guy's stuff. I'm actually thinking of doing a spotlight post for his Etsy shop, because his handcrafted jewelery is phenomenal, and he deserves more attention. (I was going to show a photo of a gorgeous octopus ring he had in his shop, but it has since disappeared, and I'm fairly heartbroken.)
(Find him here.)

4. Almost anything from AstralEYE

Another Etsy shop I may just have to do some sort of spotlight post on, oh my god. I am so in love with the jewelery in this shop. Like, do you see that collage image? I don't need to make a single comment -- you understand how awesome these pieces are!
(Find her here.)

5. Black (crushed velvet preferably) mini dresses

I just...need one in my life.
(Find it here.)


  1. those shoes are so rad, mad love for Jeffery Campbell <3
    And you're so good at finding good esty stores, I always wind up getting lost on that site XD


  2. the first pair of wedges look dangerous! adore jeffrey campbells as usual :)

    Vintage Stop at

  3. I agree about the wedges. Very Lady Gaga! I love them though. I would totally get them if I had the money, and wear them wherever there are handrails. The jewelry from the Etsy shops is absolutely STUNNING. How I wish I wasn't so broke right now!


  4. I love the orange boots <3 I love the 1970s vibe!

    Lost in the Haze