Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday I'm in Love -- 1/27

Nearly forgot to do this!

Click images for credit; if it doesn't link, I couldn't find it.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

70; What? I still have a blog?

Top: Salvation Army • Pants: Forever21 • Shoes: Steve Madden (TJ Maxx) • Shades: Gypsy Warrior • Belt: Etsy • Earrings: SOULMATES (coming soon) • Necklaces: DIY • Bracelet: India import shop

SO MANY APOLOGIES FOR BEING MIA! Winter sucks something fierce, and between working and trudging through the snow/sleet/ice to get everywhere, I've been left exhausted and with little time to spare. So much hate. Is it spring yet? I don't even need summer -- spring will do just fine.

I did get a day off with Kathryn a week ago, and this is what I wore on our long due trip into Boston. We chilled in Chinatown, ate Indian food, I bought tons of Japanese candy (oh my gosh I never thought I'd find soda Puccho candy! I was being threatened with $10 shipping for ONE pack of that stuff online; ridiculous) and remembered all of the horrible things I would do to live in Boston. I'd list those things, but I'd probably get arrested for simply uttering them in text form.

Though it reminded me that my birthday is coming up (February 12th!), and is on a Sunday, which is one of the two days a week that the Boston's Hare Krishna Temple meets and hosts a free dinner. UH, HELLO, IT'S FATE.

So this outfit is quite possibly what you would call a 'steal' in itself. The shirt (which you will recognise if you saw my YouTube video) was under seven dollars, the pants were about the same price, and the shoes...THE SHOES. These Steve Madden shoes were originally $250, right? Fifty bucks. Fifty. Bucks. I am serious guys, lurk your local Ross, Marshalls, or TJ Maxx (if you're a US resident) constantly. These shoes showed up within the past two months at my local TJM, and went on clearance almost immediately. I am loving that store.

Kathryn calls this my "George Harrison shirt". I can't imagine why.

The status of SOULMATES: pending. I suck, I know. I'm sorry.

Next outfit will be awesome. Believe me. Just wait.

Anyone else love Cibo Matto?

...Okay, these random strings of consciousness will stop now.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Leopard Top Giveaway Winner!

Okay, I am seriously so happy for the response for this past giveaway! I was blown away at the amount of people who entered; thank you so much, you guys. I really do hope that you do find my blog enjoyable to read, and I do have every intention of having more giveaways. You guys are the best. ♥

I am also so, so excited for the winner of the Leopard Top Giveaway!

I decided to be a bit nice about counting the entries, since quite a number of people didn't make separate comments for each additional entry. The number of comments was forty-nine (technically forty-eight, as the lovely Isabel left a non-entry comment) and yet there were actually sixty entries. Seemed like a lot of entries to disqualify, and I didn't want to be mean. So, I counted everyone's additional entries anyway.

So, with sixty entries, decided a winner...

And the eleventh entry was...

LARISSA BLINTZ! Blogger of Velvet Codeine and owner of Miracle Eye! I couldn't even believe it when I counted to her entry. I will be emailing the winner as soon as this is posted!

Thank you guys, SOOO much, for entering! I already hope to have a SOULMATES giveaway in the future if it kicks off nicely, so you'll definitely have that to look forward to. ♥

Friday I'm in Love -- 1/20

Before I announce the Leopard Top Giveaway winner, I thought I'd go ahead and post this real quick, as I've made a point to have them pre-made and sitting in my drafts. I feel like you readers will want to see the giveaway winner post on the top of your feed instead of this. ♥

Click images for original sources; if it doesn't link, then I found it uncredited on Tumblr.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Feature in online magazine, Tê Au!

Check me out! I'm a featured fashion blogger in the new issue of the online fashion magazine Tê Au! How awesome is that? This magazine is quite a nice read; it's targeted toward the younger fashion enthusiasts with a boho and/or vintage vibe, featuring style collages, articles on trending seasonal items, and style outfits from some of the magazine contributors themselves. It's a really inspiring mag, and I'm so honoured to be featured in this latest issue! They also offer ad space in their magazines, if any readers here have a shop or something... ♥ (Once I get SOULMATES up, I might contact them.) Seriously, check 'em out.

They're hosting their magazine on, and while you have to be a member to read the magazine in full and subscribe to them, I actually really would recommend registering on the site; there are quite a number of great magazines on this site including the blooming Tê Au up for reading:

Fierce Magazine (only one issue up, sadly)
PRESS the Fashion Magazine
Fashion Illustrator
FAN THE FIRE (formerly LOAD)
I Love Fake

Gosh, going through these mags makes me want to whip up something of my own...maybe I'll take a leaf from Jeffrey Campbell's latest lookbook issue and make something for SOULMATES when I have everything completed? Hello, inspiration bug, nice to see you again.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Thrift store haul (Featuring a video!)

Some notes before watching:

• Taken with a less-than-high-quality built-in webcam and mic on a laptop. My DSLR's memory card can't write video data fast enough to take one!

• I talk kind of fast at points, too fast perhaps. This is due to slight anxiety -- not quite about making a video, but that people were walking by my room constantly, talking loudly and cleaning, and these are people who don't really even know I run this blog. With paper thin walls/doors, the idea of them overhearing me, or the video picking up on misplaced talking, was a large worry of mine. Lame, I know.

• This is why I played some possibly irritating music on the other computer, to create some ambient sound to drown them out. Alas, it's Indian instrumental stuff, so I don't know if the pitch or sound is going to be grating for anyone watching. Sorry if it is.

• Aforementioned music is George Harrison's Wonderwall Music.


• I'm spacey (you might catch on to this, slightly, during the video) and completely forgot to comment on just how ridiculous I felt while thrifting: wearing velvet leggings, carrying three velvet shirts (at one point), velvet palazzo pants, and a velvet skirt. I looked like a crazed velvet-seeking lunatic. It was silly.

Credit where it is due:
Jean Greige's Black Friday post that I mention in the beginning;
Olivia Harrison on Lookbook whom I reference twice;
'The missus' (to be) aka Kathryn.

Less than one week before the leopard top giveaway ends! If you haven't yet, sign up now!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday I'm in Love (returns!)

Lets just pretend I never dropped the ball on this weekly thing of mine okay? ♥

Anything uncredited (non-linking images) were found floating on Tumblr.

I am tempted to mimic the last photo with some kool aid dyeing.

Might try to shoot a video of my thrifting haul from Wednesday. Yeah, a video -- because I know you all are dying to see me awkwardly monologue about clothes. ♥