Sunday, July 17, 2011

When We Was Fab

I do love any excuse to make George Harrison reference.

I did some research. I'm well under the impression that the Lita Fab Tapestry shoes were released last November, after reading it twice on two seperate sites (though I wish I had the links to double-check), and the last time any site restocked them, it was between May and June on a website that no longer has the black in stock. I downloaded a .pdf of Jeffrey Campbell's fall lookbook, suggesting there won't be more of the black tapestry in the future.

I found one site, ShopAKIRA, that had two pairs of the black tapestry in size seven. It's taken me since June 6th to save up about $80 in my tip money, which is how I was hoping to pay for a pair of Litas, if you recall. However, that is well over a month of time, and that was when I was working more than two days a week, so if I wanted to have any chance at buying a pair of these shoes, I was going to have to buy them soon, and probably not with the tip money that I won't have for a very long time.

So...I bought them!

I waited until Kathryn got home from work and when she read my ramble on Livejournal about me simply explaining these points and scrambling around for what to do, and asked her what she thought.

"Well, it's your money... I mean, so long as you're okay with me spending $130 on a new fish tank?"

"Psh, of course!"

With that, I jumped for the computer and went through checkout as fast as my fingers' relationship with the keyboard could allow. By just nine dollars and ninety cents, even qualified for free shipping.

Here's hoping ShopAKIRA is a good, trusty site (they look like it) and I'll let you guys know the moment they arrive in the mail. (Hey, do you suppose they'll look any good with the black American Apparel double U-neck dress? I just bought one recently and am eager to wear it with something amazing.)


  1. Haha! You did it! And i love your choice! I can't wait to see how you style them up.

    And there are some pretty stylish fish tanks if you do a bit of research. Just don't let her go overboard on the scenery;)

  2. Oh my God, those are gorgeous. Love love LOVE the colors on them. I think they would look absolutely amazing with the American Apparel dress you mentioned. :) Now you're really making me want a pair of Litas myself, even though they would make me really, really tall, haha.

  3. Louise; I know! I'm pretty much broke for the next week and a half, but that's perfectly fine. It's going to be murder, waiting for the shipping confirmation, then waiting for them to arrive!

    We're actually just upgrading from the ten gallon tank we have for our fish, to twenty, and it comes with a filter and everything. We have three gold barbs and three rosy barbs, but the pet store lied about how big the rosies are going to get. (They promised 3", but we found out they'll get to double that length if they live life to the fullest extent.) So, we need to get a bigger tank to accomodate, and possibly to make the gold barb school a little bigger to keep the semi-aggressive rosies from picking on them!

    Samantha; They really are! I really was tempted by the other tapestry colours, but this one was definitely my favourite. I can't wait until they arrive so I can see what else I can wear them with.

    Haha, I have the exact opposite height problem: I'm 5'0"! I've been longing for a pair for about six months now. Jean Greige, Chloe Ting, and a lot of other bloggers have just further tempted me into getting a pair. I just couldn't resist.

  4. Wow, from the sounds of things they will be much loved when you get them - I completely admire your ability to wait and save to get them!

  5. Whaaatt!!! I need those shoes!

    You don't ever have to justify spending money only anything that you put serious consideration into! If you are in love, then it must be!


    A. Mictlan

  6. @Jamie-lee; Oh, I will probably build an altar for them when they arrive. I wish I'd had the opportunity to save up for them without risking having them all sell out by time I could afford them, but I think waiting through six months of my favourite Bloggers showing off their Litas earned me the right to buy them with my latest paycheck!

    @A.Mictlan; Thanks! I recently found out that my theory of them becoming absolete this fall turned out to be true, too. (Or so says the online store I emailed asking if they would be restocked in the future.)