Saturday, February 25, 2012

75; Hitchhiker in Bangladesh


Top: Wasteland • Pants: thrifted • Jacket: Delias • Belt: Rennaisance Faire • Shoes + vintage turquoise earcuff: Ebay • Shades: Gypsy Warrior • Claw earrings: Little Sister Designs, Etsy • Backpack: Kathmandu Imports

Ahh, I have so many points I want to bring up in thist post!

1. Looking a little bit like Joey Ramone in these glasses, huh? I don't know what it is, maybe my hair?

2. I have Photoshop again! And it's NOT Elements! I had looots of fun editing these photos, and it reminded me of what I love about photo editing and graphics making, LIKE MY NEW BANNER.

3. My hair! Buzzed the side of it, and now I look like a dyke...but that's okay, because at least I look less like a thirteen year old in real life. I'm thinking of curling the rest of my hair sometime, and see how that turns out.

4. I'll be getting an iPhone soon, so you know what that means? INSTAGRAM POSTS! ♥ Are you stoked? No? That's okay.

5. SOULMATES is still on its way; packaging materials have arrived, and though I'm running a little short on cord for a few pendants, I'm gonna try to get my butt into gear, finish up the photos, and start listing items. I'll announce an official date soon.

6. Are you jelly of my brass claw earrings from L.S.D.? Won 'em on Clothed Cameleon's blog. How unimaginably lucky am I?

Monday, February 20, 2012

74; Birthday Suit

Top: thrifted • Pants: TUNNEL VISION • Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Stevie • Belt: Etsy • Necklace: birthday gift from Kathryn • Earrings & shades: The Garage, Cambridge MA
Nail colour: China Glaze 'Japanese Koi'

It's Gypsy again! ♥ ISN'T SHE ADORABLE? Gah, this cat is so sweet. I love her lots. (Don't tell Jasmine; she'll KILL me.)

So I know I seriously JUST wore these jeans in a recent outfit (with a white top, pink bindi, and JCs...oops). I have another photo shoot done and had planned on posting that and then this one, as to avoid a sense of repeat. As it turns out, I have grown to really, really hate the outfit and the shoot all together, and I really don't want to post it. Sorry, guys.

But I feel this outfit is really different! Better, perhaps, than the last one including these jeans. This is what I wore on my 21st birthday (which was a little over a week ago now, huh?) out to Cambridge. Kathryn gave me this gorgeous necklace, vintage from Etsy, along with a gorgeous sake set from the local oriental grocery that I had been wanting for a while. (It has a pair of peacocks on each piece!) The necklace is showing Vishnu's feet, which is significant, in that it is said the river Ganga originates from his feet. She bought it for a whole other bunch of significant reasons for me but that's all sappy spiritual stuff you guys wouldn't be interested in. ♥

I picked up the earrings and sunglasses on my outing for my birthday, as well as an awesome backpack (that is sadly already falling apart, due to the fabric used to make it, so I'm not too upset; easy stuff to fix) and some awesome buys at Urban Outfitters. I plan to shoot one of the things I bought this Wednesday since the weather is supposed to be nice. (If you can call 54 degrees 'nice'.)

--Huh, what's that? My hair? OH, RIGHT. Yeah, it's blue, isn't it? Well, it's supposed to be purple, but I'm an idiot. I went to a grocery store looking for kool-aid to dye my hair with, and saw 'sugar free grape'. I derped and thought, 'that's without sugar, right?' Hah, wrong: aspartame! I was meant to buy unsweetened kool-aid. I didn't even notice until AFTER I had put it all in my hair the night before my birthday, which is why I think it came out the colour that it did. To be honest, I LOVE IT. It's still pretty blue a week later and I'm growing a liiitle bored of it, but it'll wash out.

But dudes, don't make my mistake, unless you live in the arctic tundra like me and don't have bees around for six months out of the year. My hair reeked like grape candy and was actually SWEET. Like, sugary tasting. For dayyys. Keep an eye out on Jean Greige's next kool-aid dye that I saw her mention on Twitter, if you wanna know how to get blue hair with this stuff. Last she mentioned, she's going blue as well!

Okay Imma shut up now, but before I go, I just wanted to share a few adorable photos of the wife-to-be:

...Weaing my jacket. She looks way better in it than I do. :(

Thursday, February 16, 2012

73; Bewitched (featuring ramblings)

Velvet overshirt: Thrifted • Bralette: Pins and Needles (Urban Outfitters) • Biker shorts: DIY • Stripped tights: Romwe • Docs: Ebay • Coyote vertebrae necklace: DIY • Amethyst necklace: SOULMATES (coming soon)

As I type this, I actually have blueish-now-turning-a-little-greenish-hair (trimmed and without roots!) so it's weird to see myself blonde again. But you'll see that soon enough.

Does anyone here remember this cat? Maybe from this shoot? (Oh my god, looking that far back into my blog gives me crazy nostalgia; I feel like I'm looking at a photo of myself from YEARS ago. What is with that? What's summer like, again?) Yup, it's Gypsy again! She was apparently trying to say, "Oh hey guys, you obviously came outside to love me and pay attention to me, right?" Which is cool, I always love having felines in my photos. If only I could incorporate my cat Jasmine, but she can't sit still for the life of her.

So, does the fact that I wore this velvet shirt for two outfits in a row suggest how obsessed I've been in wearing it?

Ugh, I have no idea what else I can contribute to this post. Erm, I made those biker shorts in two minutes.

Oh, well, I suppose I can supplement with some insight as to why I've turned into the most unaccomplishing creature you've ever set your eyes on: I have been ridiculously overwhelmed with so many things lately, and I've fallen behind on a LOT of things I planned to do (translation: SOULMATES). Even while this current winter has been, without a doubt, FAR more bearable than the last, I still have been affected by its cold atmosphere, its common depression/complacency/stress (though not a constant thing for me, but fairly frequent) and the difficulties it brings to a person who works five days a week and has to embark on a 20-25 minute walk to said workplace, and the same amount of time back home. Might not sound like much, but when you walk that far only to stand for five to eight hours straight, having to wake up at five in the morning for three of those shifts (and some days, standing at the drive-thru window cashier, having the window open every few minutes to assault you with 30 degree breezes) the only way to put it is this: it SUUUUUCKS. This is not me looking for pity -- I'm just trying to summarise what's been draining me physically and emotionally, and painting you readers a small picture of what goes on outside of the blog, the outfits, the promised jewelry making, et cetera...which has everything to do with the outfits themselves, I feel. 99% of my errands are done on foot, walking around for hours in the cold, so by time I get home, I pretty much avoid doing any work like making jewelry or designing graphics for the shop.

If it makes you readers feel better, I finished a necklace this afternoon, and ordered some custom stickers for jewelry box designing. I would have ordered the stickers like, a month and a half ago, but Kathryn suggested it might not be the best idea, since I'll be pouring $15 into 25 stickers that I'll be stuck with if my shop goes nowhere. Good point, really. That money could buy the cat her expensive but necessary high-protein canned food, y'know?

So my plan was to print out the logo and turn it into a stencil to paint onto the jewelry boxes -- and I did an extremely embarrassing job. On two boxes. Thus, I caved and ordered the stickers. Even if I don't make a lot of money through this, I'm not going to cut corners and make a sloppy job of it.

I think that's the other thing that's been keeping me from churning out jewelry at the pace I'd been wanting: the fear of failing at the whole scheme. So upon launch, the inventory will be VERY small; I can't really risk spending tons of money on jewelry and other supplies if it doesn't sell. But...we'll see what happens! And I'll do my best to network so that that fear doesn't become a reality.

...Man, I really did not plan on typing this much. Er, sorry guys.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

72; Flower Power

Overshirt: thrifted • Bralette: Urban Outfitters • Jeans: TUNNEL VISION • Litas: Jeffrey Campbell • Belt: Etsy • Choker: Cape Cod • Citrine pendant: DIY

There's something about my hair that's bugging me. I think it's flat? I don't know.

So oh my freaking god I am in love with these jeans from TUNNEL VISION. Sadly I don't fill them in quite like their model on the site does, and I'm hoping to take the legs in a teeny bit a little once I can figure out how I'm improperly threading the bobbin on my sewing machine. (Yeah I know, I should youtube a video, right? Tried that, and I'm still figuring out what I'm doing wrong, and the instruction manual is NO help: drawing a flat black line to explain how to loop the bobbin thread with the needle isn't exactly helpful. At least, I think it's the needle. I seriously can't figure the diagram out.)

Otherwise, they are purrrfect. They're so comfortable, they're ridiculous. I'm just glad I could find something that fits my waist so well.

I'd also like to make the point that it was Kathryn's suggestion I strip to just the bralette for these photos. JUST SAYIN.