Friday, July 8, 2011

37; Southwestern Hespera

Top: Urban Outfitters • Pants: Forever21 • Boots + belt: Etsy • Jewelery: everywhere

New boots! They're awfully big in the ankles, something I didn't anticipate, but hey, they're pretty cool. I bought them fearing that my favourite Beatle boots were at their end, up until I ran across some Gorilla Glue at Target and had a smack-my-forehead moment. The one kind of glue I didn't try. It worked like a freaking charm, too!

Speaking of Target, Wednesday was pretty awesome -- we went out shopping and I restocked on some makeup and nail polish. (I even bought some hair spray, something I've been desperately lacking.) I'd been at the mall few months back going from shop to shop running in and asking, "Do you carry lip stain?" Each attempt ended in the employee(s) looking at me funny and giving me a reluctant "no" before trying to push another kind of product on me...where I finally caved at Bare Escentuals and bought some lipstick there. Lukily, I ended up in Target buying two shades of lipstain gloss. I'm waring 'My Papaya' by Cover Girl here, a colour Kathryn suggested would look good, so I nabbed it. The other shade I bought is probably called 'Burgundy', I can't really recall, but it's shockingly dark and purple and it's a little less muted than I was searching for. I intended to find a plum/berry colour but more grey and a little darkish, but to no avail. I swear I saw it on someone on Lookbook once, and it was gorgeous.

I also bought myself two Revlon shades of nail polish, 'Minted' (as you see in the photos above) and 'Steel-her Heart'. I wanted to find a turquoise shade, and I mean real turquoise. Like, the colour of the actual stone. I'll probably end up buying some online.

Also, guess who signed up for a portfolio on I probably don't have a chance, but it would be a really amazing experience to be able to model for some companies or stores.


  1. cool outfit
    love the leggings

  2. Sigh. You're gorgeous, I admire your style and you're engaged to a lovely lady, just like me. Can we be friends please? ♥

    (This is majo_panda from whatiworetoday @ lj btw, your loyal stalker kthx. /creep ;)

  3. @Majo; hey there! We seem to have quite a bit in common, methinks. We can totes be friends; I'm always looking forward to making new buddies. :D

    Heyyy, internet stalking isn't always bad~

  4. this is freakin flawless, i love every detail. i'm trying to ignore the majesty of your hair this time and concentrate on the clothes;) But yes, there are few words to describe how much i love this entire outfit.

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