Saturday, July 16, 2011

Friday I'm in Love -- another fashionably late installment

1. Chloe Ting

Gah, this girl is freaking adorable, and has the best sense of fashion -- and she's super sweet, to boot!
If you haven't seen her around before, then rectify that as soon as possible:

2. Hivennn by Hivenj

I'm following Hivenn's blog here on blogspot, and she mentioned that she has an Etsy shop. Of course, I'm all over that, so I checked it out, and her stuff's so cute! I grabbed one of her crystal rings once I'd swept through her whole store. They have that antique store charm while being fresh and unique. Check her out! (And you might want to skim through her blog before you buy... ♥)

3. Open cape ponchos

I've actually been trying to find one in the same Mexican-blanket style as Madeline's, but to no avail. I'm not giving up, though! I love the open cape kind, as they vaguely resemble kimonos, making them perfect for wrapping.

4. Insane fringe vests

I just... ♥

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  1. great post! love chloe ting! and I'm SO looking for a new cape-perfect for fall <3

    XO Sahra