Friday, October 26, 2012

99; Optical Sedative

Top, bra, skirt: Pac Sun ☯ Shoes + vintage ear cuff: eBay ☯ Purse: Hot Topic ☯ Coin belt and bone carved bracelet: thrifted ☯ Mahina necklace and Poison earrings: c/o Vanessa Mooney

That Hello Kitty ring is actually a lip gloss ring. I have six of these, in different colours. What is my life.

So yeah, the bulk of this outfit is Pac Sun, everything but the bra from clearance, all bought in the same shopping trip. Bizarre, right? This skirt is a dream; I typically despise denim pencil skirts (or just denim skirts in general) but I tried this in the charcoal variety and was on the fence about it. Tried it again later on despite the fact that they only had blue stone wash, and liked it WAY more. It kind of goes with EVERYTHING. Sweater? Sure. Oversized muscle tee? You bet. Tucked-in long sleeve button up? No problem. I wish every skirt was so perfect.

Also, my DIY bindi business occurred after one serious Sailor Moon nostalgia trip. I now have every single episode in original Japanese subtitled on Kathryn's laptop. Is that weird? Or is it weirder that the crescent moon is a cheap-o kid's sticker earring I won in a set at an arcade in Cape Cod? I have smiley face ones, too. You'll see.

Seriously awesome ROMWE Halloween sale! (Now 'til Nov. 1st)

ROMWE is running an awesome Halloween sale now until November 1st. Tons of stuff (38 pages!) is now anywhere between 5% and 60% off, and on top of that, if you spend $100 or more, you can knock off an additional $20 with their bonus coupon code halloween20.

And damn, they have a lot of great stuff on their sale page. Go and nab some stuff quick, because they're already selling out. I couldn't even fit all of the things I want to share in this post; I stopped at page 15. I'm apparently feeling goth or urban trash for this winter...what do you think?

Monday, October 22, 2012

98; Medieval Biker Chick

Top: Nasty Gal ☯ Pants: c/o ROMWE ☯  Jacket: c/o Crash & Burn Apparel ☯ Boots: eBay ☯ Just Kickin' It necklace: c/o Vanessa Mooney jewelry ☯ Antique Vishnu necklace: birthday gift from fiancée

Ugh it's getting cold again! And I swear the only upside is that I can now reunite with my beloved C&B jacket. (Well, if I can. My fiancée tends to nab it before I can get to it some days. Starting to wonder if I need to buy her something from C&B for Christmas to appease her desires.) That's probably the only benefit to the changing weather. My (very very slight) tan is already fading. WOE. I keep telling myself it's great because now I can layer stuff and whatever, but I think the worst part about winter up here in New England is the torrential wind and rain. A still, cold winter day (sunny or cloudy) is just fine, but throw in some sub-arctic breeze and rain? No thank you.

So um, how sick are these pants? I feel like a medieval biker chick in 'em, like some Joan of Arc riding into battle upon a valiant steed named Harley. These pants (and a ton of other good things) will be on sale for ROMWE's huge Halloween sale on October 26th (lasting until November 1st.) I really recommend them! And they run a size up, so you medium sized people could easily fit into the small, I think. (I'll be reminding you guys of the sale later here on the blog featuring a coupon code, because I'm cool like that.)

I keep trying to settle on a new blog name...I have one name I've been considering but every time I think, "yeah, that will totally work," two or three crash the party and get me second-guessing my idea. It keeps putting it off for so long that the one name I've had on the brain is already growing old for me. Damn. I need someone to brainstorm with.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

ROMWE Autumn Kickoff Sale! (+ coupon codes!)

Romwe is running an autumn sale! (Click banner to shop their sale page.) Tons of items are now on sale for up to 50% off, including outerwear, accessories, purses, and shoes. I've spotted a LOT of perfectly grungy pieces on their sale page that are perfect for the season! The sale expires on Sunday, October 14th.

On top of that they're offering coupon codes to save you even more cash, expiring on Monday, October 15th:

Save $15 for $80+ • "Oct15"
Save $25 for $115+ • "Oct25"
Save $35 for $155+ • "Oct35"

And I'm sure you're thinking, "gee that's a lot of money to spend." I get you, but some of their stuff between $80-$150 is pretty awesome. Check it!

But if you're more of a frugal shopper like me, you'll probably love some of these pieces as much as I do. Hurry up and go shop! ♥