☯ About

My name is Kat -- it is not my birth name, but my preferred name.
I am twenty-two, born on February 12th, 1991 (Aquarius, with a Pisces rising) which occurred in Mesa, Arizona.
I currently live in Massachusetts, but I have lived in Arizona, California, New Mexico, Montana, and Texas (the latter very much to my chagrin). I am not 'originally from anywhere', as my mother moved us around so much that I never lived in one place for longer than three years, including flip-flopping between California and Arizona a few times. Since the age of four (my earliest memories) I have moved from one place of residence to another more than twenty times.

When you read me refer to my fiancée and someone named Kathryn -- they are one in the same.

My cameras include my little Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS, and a Canon Rebel T2i (EOS 550D).

My hobbies involve photography, graphic design (this includes making banners and such for blogs), travelling, day trips, shopping/thrifting, the internet, not working, soda, cats, and some online gaming. (If you're on Dragon Nest, tell me!)