Wednesday, July 13, 2011

39; Gypsy Witch of the East Coast

Bandeau: Forever21 • Shorts: Crystallized Vintage (Ebay) • Boots: Etsy • Kimono: Shock Botique courtesy of Jean Greige • Hat: Ebay • Jewelery: everywhere (crow ring by Moon Raven Designs)

First off, I was interviewed by Larasati here on Blogspot recently! Check out the feature here. (In which I had a complete idiot moment and mis-said something in the motto bit of the interview. Just pretend I said that I 'remind myself not to judge myself too much'. Funny how forgetting a little word like that completely turns your meaning around!)

Yeah, I really did walk around Cape Cod dressed like this! Except I didn't sport the hat for the first few hours of the day while in Hyannis, with how cloudy it was. This outfit had been on my mind ever since my little crow from Moon Raven Designs arrived in the mail (whom I named Kaiser. I never name things, but he seems like so much more than just a ring to me). It seemed that Cape Cod was the only logical place for me to wear short shorts and a bandeau if I didn't to look inappropriately out of place. I think the inclusion of the kimono (and the hat) ended up making me look pretty out of place anyway, but at least it did in a good way.

I love feeling like such a witch. I found myself itching for any sort of new age store while in Hyannis (Kathryn's father said there should be one there, but we never found it) to further accentuate my outfit with crystals and charms. I'm longing for a Black Belles-esque black mini dress and want to do insane things like fill the room with sage and incense, tarot cards, feathers, and candles. Is there anyone else in the blogosphere that practices 'witch chic'? I need to know ASAP.

Onto the trip: we left at 4.30 in the morning, got coffee about an hour and a half later as we had just crossed the bridge connecting the Cape to the mainland, got to Dennis (where Kathryn's family's cottage is) and grabbed breakfast at Wolfie's, and finally arrived at the cottage to unload, rest, and eat. Having coffee on an empty stomach killed my appetite, so I didn't eat much until a few hours later in Hyannis, where I caved and ate some ice cream at Ben & Jerry's. Yeah, I'm not really nice to my body.

While in Hyannis, I found some suede and feathers to make some necklaces out of the crystals I bought at the 4th of July fest, a conch shell (for the symbolism involving Vishnu), a little voodoo doll charm, some shells for my mother, and at Spinnakers -- the single most amazing music store I've set foot in -- I was just so lucky to aquire a copy of the vinyl 45 single by Stephen Colbert and the Black Belles, "Charlene II (I'm Over You)"! I seriously couldn't believe that they had it, and the told me that the shipment of them had arrived to his store just the day before. It was as if we were fated to meet. ('Fated to be mated', you might say.) I'm preserving it for whenever I can find the opportunity to attend a taping of his show and see if he'll be available for signing it. It would make my life one step closer to nirvana.

We went antique shopping for a bit afterward, though I didn't find anything that 1. was within my price range, or 2. that caught my eye. We passed by a thrift store called Wicked on the way to Hyannis that we made a point to go to at some point during the day, but went back to the cottage to rest, and Kathryn and I took a relaxing walk full of taking pictures of each other. (Example, see above.)

Ate pasta, then went to Wicked, which is the cutest little thrift store! There's two small buildings, the one on front displaying vintage clothes and men's clothes, and the other off to the side and further back, with women's clothes. I bought a denim jacket, an open crocheted top, a black lace top, and a pink cami. I'm way too excited to wear them once they've been washed. (Not together, of course. It kind of would be overkill.)

We left shortly afterward, and arrived home at around seven-ish. I'm still feeling tired from it all. Four hours in a car ride + super humid weather takes a toll on me. I kind of wish we'd hit the beach, but I didn't feel like getting sand and salt water all over me. I was already sticky from the humidity and sweaty from the heat.

Luckily, we might be able to do it again next week! I'm hoping we can. Kathryn and I don't have very flexible schedules though we have been given less days to work. We had been hoping to go down to the Cape next week with just us, her sister Sarah, and some of her friends, but we kept hitting bumps in the road with that plan. We had asked to not work those days, so we might be able to do another day trip, or even stay a night. Fingers crossed!

I'll leave you with photos from my trip. I spent more time taking it all in than anything else, so I didn't end up with a ton of photos...sorry. (Click to enlarge the photos; I'd rather show your internet connection some mercy by using smaller thumbnails than usual!)


 I'm really not sure what this is supposed to mean.

 I told you Spinnaker's was awesome.

 I'd give just about anything to be able to bring this doll home with me. It was at least three feet tall.

 An antique clarinet -- Kathryn's instrument of choice. She thinks it was used for highschool marching band and likely sat unused afterward. (She's so smart. I love it.)


Isn't Kathryn gorgeous? (It's okay, you can admit it.)

We seriously need to make 'witch chic' the lastest thing.


  1. You look so gorgeous. ♥ Especially in those shots of you on the rock; I really liked how that idea turned out.

    And holy crap, Walken creepin' is hilarious. I love that whoever works at the store did that. ;; We'll have to go back there next week/next time.

  2. I love how Kathryn's wearing similar tones here - you need to bestow a hat on her now, of course!
    Love these images. The cover of the astrology book appeals to me, i really covet vintage designs like this one, and always try to collect a few of my own. You must check out the original Carlos Castaneda book covers, too. I think you might like them, and their content (which is the most important thing), if you don't know of him already:)

    You are also the best at accessorizing. The hat and kimono are breathtaking!

  3. Kathryn; if we go back, we should do another shoot near that pond! And I'm always up for another trip to Hyannis, even if just to visit Spinnaker's. ♥

    Art and Ghosts; (by the way, is it acceptable for me to address you by Loui? I know it's your name on Lookbook.) Haha, that actually hadn't occurred to me that she did. Maybe we'll both dress like witches and do a photoshoot. (If I can convince her!)

    I honestly considered buying that book when I saw it, but we were on our way to leave, so in the pressure of the moment I left it. I'll happily check Carlos Castaneda out, though! Sounds really interesting.

    Thank you! I knew the hat and kimono had to go together, especially when that ring finally arrived. :D