Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday I'm in Love (July 8)

Grr, I scheduled this to be posted at 10 this morning, and didn't realise it set it for 10 PM!

1. These DIY Etsy heels

I just...can't describe how wonderful these are. It's no wonder they cost over $400.
(Find them here.)

2. Any shirt featuring fringe

I am so in love with fringe right now! My 4th of July look may have hinted at that, though.
(Find some here on Ebay.)

3. Sisters of the Black Moon on Ebay

The clothing in this store is to die for. The shop is great to look at, too!
(Find them here.)

4. Lucky Brand rings

I'm bidding on the lower left ring at the moment. I adore their jewelry, but their rings always get me.
(Find some here on Ebay.)

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