Friday, April 27, 2012

85; Procession

At this point, I grew bored of the editing and decided to experiment a little...

Top: Chaser ( • Vest: Claire's • Pants: Urban Outfitters • Jeffrey Campbell Tapestry Litas: • Circle shades: the Garage, Cambridge MA • Choker: handmade, Cape Cod (Hyannis) MA • Hamsa necklace: DIY (pendant by Blue Moon Beads)

If you follow me on Formspring, you might recognise this outfit a little. I used it to respond to someone's question asking how I put outfits together. (And if you did watch it, you'll see that I picked Litas over Stevies!)

I've felt like crap for the past few weeks. Working lots, strange shifts in weather leaving me feeling crappy, my mother's health deteriorating, lots of uncomfortable and stressful stuff going on in the living situation I'm in... Just, life. It's left me being so neglectful of so many things involving my blog. I'm constantly post-poning outfit shoots and whatever, on the excuse that I don't feel like going out. I've left DIY projects and jewelry making half-finished because I'm too tired. (And I ended up having a huge mix-up with some supplies I bought, which left me a little miffed.)

Things just kind of suck right now, dear readers. I crave a new job, new threads, a new place to reside, and feeling energetic and not sluggish and tired.

And what sucks the most is that I look at the clothes in my closet and go, "ugh." I have to ferret as much money away into my savings as I can, and being on the internet just shows me clothes that I would love but can't afford. I'm trying to stick to budget stuff on Etsy.

I hate to make such a complain-y post. I'm just so frustrated lately, especially with my clothing. I need a revamp, and I don't know how to go about it. I feel like I'm going insane. I need to get back on the ball, get myself into a productive and optimistic mindset. I think this is fasionably-late-seasonal-affective-dissorder or something.

Oy. Sorry about this stupid post. I think I just needed to vent. So, uh...dig my faux-fur?

Oh yeah, I'm re-wearing things again, mainly due to my style block. I keep rewearing the same few things that I love, but I don't typically photograph. Probably because I've been constantly wearing my Harley Davidson tee. You have no idea how often I wear that one. You'll be seeing it again shortly. I think vintage tees are the one thing that gets me excited lately.


Title reference; I'm probably the one person here who is not only familiar, but holds a preference for Queen's early albums. ('73-'75.) The glam rock, the glorious glam rock. I can't get over it. ♥

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

84; Within You, Without You

Top: Mossimo, kinda-sorta-DIY • Pants: thrifted • Scarf: Salem MA Peabody Essex Museum • Necklace: birthday (eBay) • Jewelry: borrowed, vintage, everywhere • Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Stevie

(I didn't even notice my earring was all messed up until I got home. Don't you hate that? Well, IDGAF.)

Hurr, told you I had a slight pudge on my tummy. Workin' on it slowly, just a little difficult when you have metal hardware in your spine (yup, that's my spine there!) which means no sit ups or crunches. I'm determined though! I have other exercises I'm doing, like bicycle crunches and planks. Psh, no spinal defect's gonna keep me between my nicely toned tummy. Take that, genetics! I also have an awesome personal trainer, since my fiancée is a workout machine. I'm just freaking lazy and can't practice self-discipline. Ever.

Oh and, uh...I should stop eating donuts at work. And muffins. And things. Ehh.

Also funny story about this shirt. It's like, way longer than it is, I just tucked it up into my sports bra. Ta-dah, instant belly shirt! Try it guys, it works really well if your shirt is chiffon and formless. Hides awkward clothing bunches up in the bra.

So I'm going to stop ignoring the elephant in the room and promise that I'll stop wearing this necklace...or try to. I just. You don't know how much I love this necklace. I want it permanently attached to my chest. I want to be buried with it. (Or cremated? I haven't decided.) Okay, I'll just not wear it in blog-outfits. If I'm wearing it out one day, I'll take it off for pictures? Or I could just not give a f-ck and wear it like I've been doing. Decisions!

Or I could buy more to create variety in my jewelry collection. Well, I love excuses to buy stuff!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A vlog, and some other notes.

Heyyy, a video! After seeing Madeline from Jean Greige and Isabel from I Fly a Starship post their own videos inspired by Fashion Pirate about their experiences in fashion blogging, I decided to be extremely unoriginal and follow suit. Because I know how desperately you guys wanna see a thirty-seven minute long video of me rambling on through different incoherent trains of thought. ♥

Oh my god I basically just tell my life's story here, and how I learned to develop what I call the 'IDGAF mentality.' I am so lame, and not good with words.

So I mention in the video that I have a Formspring account, and that I really want some more questions to be left in my inbox! So get over here and leave me some questions. Or email me. Or something.

Also, the loud annoying clicking is the laptop's mousepad-thing. I am so sorry you guys, it's not even half as loud IRL.


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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


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Monday, April 9, 2012

83; Catch Hell Blues


T-shirt: eBay vintage • Earcuff + necklace + belt: eBay (necklace as a birthday present) • Vest: DIY • Pants: Forever21 • Shoes: Steve Madden (TJ Maxx) • Jewelry: so many places! • Crystal necklace: SOULMATES (coming soon!)

Blonde again! I wasn't used to it until I started getting roots. Then I was all, "ahh yeah, that's more like it." I don't know, I like the dark shadow it gives the shaved-side of my head. I can't decide if I just shouldn't bleach that side of my head or not. I've seen other bloggers rock it, but then, would I look just like them? Hmm. Quite a dilemma.

I'd like to draw your attention to the crystal necklace I'm sporting here. It'll be up on SOULMATES later this month! I know you can't really see much of it, so here's a super-close up shot of it. I have more on the way, guys!

I keep feeling some fashion-block upon me, but I'm attributing it to some stress in my little corner of the universe. When I get stressed, I shut down. It's not a good response, and I know it. This time it left me feeling just really blah and gross and frustrated with my appearance. Wasn't a good feel, bro. I'm feeling better though -- I'm actually feeling really great about blogging as of very recently, after having it shown to me my place amongst my favourite blogger girls. It's been really surreal, the past couple of months. My Lookbook sorta exploded and I've gained a lot of followers on this blog, and have had some collaborations with some clothing websites. It's like I'm actually an appealing blogger or something. WHAT.

I don't know, I've always been in the backseat in life. It's strange thinking I might be just vaguely "successful" at this, after a year of blogging the way I have. It's bizarre, but awesome. It makes me happy to be part of this little circle on the internet, to possibly help shape what fashion is for us. It's exciting, and makes me proud to have this blog. I don't have 1000 blog followers or sponsorships flying at me left and right, but I feel like I'm on top of the world, because those things don't make me excited to be a blogger. People would think fashion blogging is just based on dressing up to impress readers, but it really isn't for me. It's the people I meet and talk to, the people who inspire me and show me new and magnificent things to wear, and how it changes me as a person. If I only had ten followers, I'd still be blogging.

I've become so much more confident in myself in so many ways, including my body, because of blogging. I've learned to take risks in my appearance and have discovered how much more like myself I feel when I take those risks, and that those risks don't kill me! I never really felt comfortable in my skin when I was growing up, and I finally just me. It's made me learn how to become myself, my making me change how I was into what I wanted to be. It's made me less afraid to do bizarre things. It's weird to explain.

Speaking of my lack of body issues, I think my hips got curvier. I hope it isn't from the free donuts I get at work. Oh man, I really need to stop eating those. Immediately. Even if not due to the weight-gain possibility, but because that shit can't be good for the human body.

In other news, thinking of getting hair extensions for the not-shaved part of my hair. Maybe. If I can afford it. I'm almost too afraid to research how much money that would cost, since Sally Beauty sells human hair extensions for over a hundred bucks. I am crying.

Finally, title reference:

Though I feel this song is pretty appropriate for this outfit as well: a Judas Priest + Lady Gaga mash-up that I am obsessed with.

Jeez, is this post long enough yet?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

82; We Loved LSD, We Died Easily

Top: Doe (via Pacsun) • Shorts + shoes: eBay • Vest: DIY • Bracelet: vintage • button

First off -- I apologise for the ugly mosquito bites on my legs. At least only one of them is really visible (see the final photo) and the other one is on the backside of my upper most thigh, so it was only caught in one photo. If you go to try to look for it, then you sir are one serious creeper.

Second -- I'm not blonde yet. I took these photos about a week and a half ago. I've been so freaking lazy and complacent about photographing outfits lately. It's been annoyingly cold again! I had four days off from work last week and just spent the time at home, watching Star Trek Deep Space Nine with my babe and making more SOULMATES stuff. Oh yeah, you read right. And I don't mean like, one little necklace or half an earring pair. I've begun two earring pairs and have finished three necklaces. I have been VERY productive compared to how I had been functioning before. I've also started planning on making some new jewelry pieces, to add to the earrings and necklaces. If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know what I'm talkin' about.

I can't even believe that I haven't worn these shorts yet -- and I don't just mean on the blog for you guys. I've had them since...last May? Thing is, I had NOOOTHING to wear with them. My wardrobe lacks many red/coral/pink colours, and even tops that seemed like they would vaguely match in colour were just completely wrong for the style of these shorts. They're the cutest and most comfortable high waisted shorty shorts that I own, I think. So you'd think I would have bought a different colour, but I didn't like the other variations. I'm a little stubborn, I guess?

By the way I WAS BORN TO LOVE THIS SHIRT. A...a tarot card shirt? For real? For $25? Whaaat? And I'll be honest with you, I've been pretty unimpressed with a lot of cutout-sleeved shirts I've been seeing lately (I feel like the cut in the sleeves for a lot of shirts I've seen are awkwardly round, in a way that looks silly to me. I can't explain it) but for some reason, I really do love the sleeve cuts on this one. The cuts are less round and more gradual, and I like it a LOT better. I told you that Pacsun can do no wrong, guys. (Or, well...I do mean Doe, who is responsible for this amazing shirt. But at least Pacsun knows to carry good looking stuff.)

I think I'm going to invest in some more bodycon dresses and skirts for this year. I see 'em paired with trashy tees and jackets, and it just sets my heart afire. Especially ones with crazy neon colours or patterns. Mm-hmm!

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Title reference ♥