Tuesday, July 26, 2011

41; Grandma's Couch

Top: Catworld Fashionshop • Tights: I've had them so long, I can't remember • Earrings: Antique shop • Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell via ShopAKIRA

I'd love to make a super long post, but I'm in such a weird, braindead mood lately! I'm not entirely sure what it is. (Probably the weather imitating fall. What the heck, Massachusetts?) As you can tell, I finally got to enjoy my new Litas; last night we headed out to the mall with the intention of buying me a pet fish, but it didn't end up happening. I had a 1.7 gallon tank intended to hold a betta, but found out that there wasn't a heater in the store that would service a tank smaller than two gallons. So instead of buying a betta, I bought a new tank. (It's recommended to cycle a tank's water for three days before adding the fish.) Instead, Kathryn and I shopped around. We hit Starbucks, Godiva, and discovered that a Teavana and a quaint little eastern Indian/Hindu shop had been added since our last visit. I was psyched.

I got loads of compliments on these shoes, as well. (One from a very openly gay man not too much older than I, which was all sorts of amazing. I love getting the seal of approval from men who are more fabulous than I am.) I will probably buy some cushion-y inserts for them though, as I've developed an odd blister on the bottom of one foot, and I'm not entirely sure why. I suspect it's the slippery lining of the shoe and something to do with its relationship with socks, actually. Doesn't hurt too much, though, and I still adore these things. It's fun being tall!

If you'll excuse me, I have an espresso machine waiting for me in the kitchen. This cold weather makes me want to curl up with Kathryn, drink a latte, and watch a movie. ♥


  1. They are gorgeous on you, Kat! Also, I am a major Mythbusters addict, in reference to your last post.

  2. They look absolutely perfect for you! I knew you'd slot them into your style this effortlessly, and i LOVE the neck on that sweater! So glad you opted for the upholstery version;) x

  3. @Madeline; Thanks; and isn't Mythbusters the best? I'd give just about anything to be Adam Savage's next door neighbour...or Grant's. He's so adorable.

    @Louise; Thank you! I kind of wish the shirt wasn't a two-in-one so I could wear the outer sweater with other things (or to wear the shirt underneath -- I know it exists from the same company, but I can't find it anywhere) but that just means I can wear this in slightly warmer weather without overheating. :D

  4. I love your sweater as a mini dress! The style of those JC Litas is a perfect combination ! But As you know , I adore all your styles ! Great tastes in fashion , a pleasure to see your outfits ! very pretty !