Wednesday, July 20, 2011

40; Biker Bum Meets the Beach

Jacket and top: thrifted • Fringed shorts: Forever21 • Boots and belt: Etsy • Jewelery: thrifted, DIY, antique, and/or flea market.

My hair is so crazy in these pictures. It sort of happened over the course of the whole day, between not having touched up my hair since 4.30 in the morning and driving around for a good four or more hours in total with the windows of the car rolled down. As you can tell, I kind of just let my hair embrace this chaos. I was too laid back to really worry about it -- and that says a lot. (Also, I really expected to feel very exposed while wearing nothing but a nude coloured bra and a see-through lace shirt. It sort of happened the other way around; even without the jacket, I kept forgetting I was more or less not wearing much of a shirt.)

Yesterday, I was back in Cape Cod for another day trip with Kathryn and Sarah, but this time we were with Sarah's boyfriend Robbie and our mutual friend Molly. The day was mostly spent with Sarah and Robbie being cute and cuddly; Kathryn, Molly and I loitering around the beach for sea shells; Molly pointing out birds and identifying every single one of them by name (she's practically a walking encyclopedia); and me taking photos of flowers. (Lots of flowers.) I didn't bring a swimsuit, but I did get to walk in the ocean a bit, and we ran into all sorts of things like crabs, snails, weird small white pseudo-lobster things in the water (we're convinced they're alien lifeforms), and at least five little wild bunnies.

We ate breakfast in the front yard of the cottage, then Kathryn, Molly and I went sea shell hunting. We spotted an Osprey flying overhead carrying a live fish at one point. We came back, got ice cream and potato chips, lounged in the cottage for a while, and eventually drove down to Hyannis (with Sarah and Robbie). I bought some native American jewelery (including the feather carved earrings you see me wearing) and resources for making necklaces, a terrifying amount of Pez and peanut brittle, and a book of German prose for students learning the language. We also ran into a guy with a parrot sitting on his shoulder, and I asked to take pictures, as I'm a very creepy person. Once I'd spent every cent on my person, we went back to the beach (this time with Sarah and Robbie) -- where Kathryn took these pictures of me -- and we stayed there a while picking up more shells and watching Kathryn and Robbie swim in the ocean, before going for dinner and driving home. I'm fairly sure I enjoyed this trip more than last week's, possibly because I got to see Molly for such an extended period of time, which I never get to do.

I'm still dead exhausted from yesterday, too. Kathryn and I both, really; we hoped to use the day to clean our room and have instead managed to make it slightly more messy. Thus, I'm going to cut this post off here, as I'm feeling particularly brain dead and need to eat something for dinner. However, I'll leave you with some photos from yesterday. (Click to enlarge.)


  1. Hey, just found your blog and I totally love your style, everything about this outfit is amazing, I love your use of accessories, and those boots are fantastic! I totally love that parrot as well :) Sounds like an amazing day out xo

  2. aaaw, lovely pics:)
    I realy like the lace tee and the boots. Your attention to details is impeccable. I would love to visit this place, too - it looks fascinating. x

  3. Alice; Thanks so much; It means a lot to me! :) And it was a pretty amazing day, much better than when I went last week, by far. I wish I could just live there.

    Louise; Thank you! ♥ Cape Cod really is so amazing, and it's so much bigger than one would think, so there's lots to do. I can't wait until we go back, whenever that may be.