Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wishlist --

1. Skull Flower White • 2. U.S. Pockets • 3. Shabby Heart • 4. U.S. Blues • 5. Leather Bag • 6. Waves Sunny

Oh, this? This is just my little list of favourite amazing things from I am endlessly in love with the skull flower shirt -- it's definitely my favourite piece. I can see me wearing it with my black wet look pants, klunky studded boots, and bone-carved bracelet. I also really really love the US Blues shorts and the leather bag. I could also definitely pair the Shabby Heart shirt with a long-sleeved grey lace shirt I have and some light blue jeans, I think.

Their stuff is super adorable, so I really recommend you check them out. (I had to use Google translate to view the page, but not initially, and managed to get through the store without a translation at first. It's very easy to navigate.) I hear new stuff is being added to their store, which is holding true: some new tops were added since I first found their site. ♥


  1. Ok. excepto forthe crop top i want everything form that wishlist too!!!

  2. These are so perfectly you, Kat! I'm drawn to the bag most of all, it looks beautiful. Love the banner too! x

  3. You look very cute! Nice look!!

    I've sent you an email about the featuring on my blog!

    I'd love to hear from you again!


    Rock 'n Style