Thursday, June 30, 2011

35; Qu'est-ce que je peux faire?

Top: Ebay (She Tiger Vintage) • Cami: Maurices • Shorts: thrifted DIY • Hat: Ebay • Shoes + belt: Etsy Vintage • Purse + jewlery: antique store (aside from the engagement ring)

First off, I was given a feature on another blog! Check it out on Tiger Tantrums; she features a different Lookbook member every week. ♥

Secondly, I decided on my blog name -- drumroll please! -- On the Ganges.

GASP! I KNOW. Totally didn't see that coming, huh? I had so many name ideas (mostly involving the word 'bioluminescence') but all of them were taken, and when I ran out of possibilities, I just went with the internet handle that everyone knows me by. (Unless you're on Livejournal.) It's just part of my internet identity now, and I even devoted to a whole post about the story behind the name, and I use my style as a form of inner identification anyway. Fashion is all about identity, to me, so it just seems to fit.

In other news, the hat and top arrived in the mail just today -- a day early in fact! I purchased the top after being outbid at the literal last second on a pair of gorgeous vintage paisley palazzo pants. $9.99 with free shipping! It was definitely some good retail therapy after my loss.

The hat was bought on a whim -- I'd been, once again, outbid on another listing while I was out of the house, and spent about an hour going through ebay, etsy, and amazon. There was a listing for one hat from a vintage seller that was absolutely perfect, but it had about a week left and it was bidding, not buying, and at that point, I was too frustrated with bidding on things. This hat seems to be awfully big, though. The listing said it had a 4" brim, and when it arrived, I measured and it's definitely 5". I wanted 4" because I'm so freaking tiny, and the hat looks almost comically big on my poor little head. However, I now have a nice, big floppy sun hat, and I spent quite a pretty penny for it, so I won't bother to complain.

I can complain about my boots, though. The right one has made it a habit to continuously fall apart on me. First the heel came apart from the shoe (which was remedied with my favourite all purpose glue, Elmer's Stix-All) but then the front began doing the same thing. I glued it, but didn't work. I tried hot glue, and it didn't work. I used Stix-All one more time, making sure to leave something heavy to sit on the shoe to apply pressure while it dried for the required twenty-four hours...and ten minutes into my walk, I discover the glue had let go and the shoe was pulling open again.

I'm at my wit's end. I'm thinking I'll just take it to a shoe repair guy, but the closest one is a half an hour drive, and I'm no good at asking Kathryn's parents to take me anywhere. I may just shop around for a while and try to find a pair of something like these, in the same price range. I'd rather not be constantly paranoid of these guys falling apart -- even though I am still in love with these boots. My fiancée and I often refer to them as my 'Beatle boots', and with a title like that, I'll be hard pressed to give up on them so soon.


  1. love the whole look, great!

  2. The hat! What a find - it looks stunning with your hair, like it was made for you. Now if only we had a reason to wear one here, it still feels like autumn;)

  3. your hat is mindblowing, I love it. It suits you very very much! x