Tuesday, November 29, 2011

63; The Inner Light (A George Harrison appreciation post)

Top and sweater: borrowed • Jeans: Eyeshadow • Scarf: Faneuil Hall market, Boston • Shades: Gypsy Warrior • Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell • Necklaces: DIY

When these were taken (yesterday), I had gotten up at four in the morning, walked downtown to get to work at five, worked until eight (am), went home, vegged, and walked back downtown to walk my fiancée home. (Who worked six to twelve.) So it's no wonder why I wanted to dress up in comfy clothes, especially since it was really mild. (Sixty-three degrees, baby! Yeah, this is something to celebrate during November in New England.) I am doing these insane things so that I can afford to get adequate Christmas gifts for everyone. Not a single penny is going to me, except probably to buy myself lunch at work, and to pay off the camera. I hope the gifts I give will be appreciated! Especially since this means I'll miss out on the Tunnel Vision opening and all of the awesome clothes and accessories.

I am so in love with the shorter-sleeved shirt. The way it hangs, the fabric, the colour...and it is freaking comfortable, especially with that sweater over it. Oh man, I am in love. ♥

Also, I feel weird wearing jeans. I only would wear them for work, as per their dress code. I don't know how I feel about this. (Mainly because most of my jeans really suck.)

Veering off course a bit (umm, a lot), today's a bit of a sad day for me. Ten years ago, my favourite musician and world-renowned Quiet Beatle, George Harrison, died. Yeah, I don't expect many people to keep reading beyond this point, and that's cool -- but anyway. My mom had exposed me to the Beatles as a kid, and I knew a couple of songs, but when he died I was pretty oblivious to anything outside of Pokémon and other kid things. I remember thinking it was really sad, though, and my mother was awfully broken up about it.

It effects me now after having revived my love for their music about five years ago, and getting into George's work specifically. While he wasn't nearly as famous as a solo artist as John or Paul, he's definitely one of the more influential people to have been around in the past century, as well as my life. His music and self are a few aspects to the mould that has shaped me as a person, and paved the path for me to find a religion that has finally given me some spiritual ease. (Honestly, I have a long way to go, but I'm getting there.)

I also must say that he's influenced my style a little. I don't know, I rather hated obnoxious paisley patterns up until I saw his rad sixties style. Look at that freaking shirt. And look at that face. That face says, "aww yeah, I know I'm one bad motherf*cker."

This dude is just one of my heroes, okay? This guy was awesome. He definitely helped bring Eastern culture to the Western world, and was responsible for things like The Radha Krsna Temple (as in the album, though he did so many things for the Radha Krsna Temple based in England in the seventies, like let them live in his house for  a short time, during which he and one of his guests took flamethrowers to the dead blackberry bushes in his backyard; true story) and Monty Python's Life of Brian. (Which he took a second mortgage out on his house to fund the movie.) This guy is so underrated and ridiculous and I love him.

I'll leave you guys -- if anyone's still around! -- with some picks from his Beatle days, and his solo years.

(A haunting version of the original White Album version)

Living in the Material WorldP2 Vatican BluesThe Inner LightIt's What You ValueIt's All Too Much

Sunday, November 27, 2011

62; A New Royal Family, a Wild Nobility

Bustier: Sparkle and Fade (Urban Outfitters) • Flannel: I am too embarrassed to admit it Wal-mart; IT WAS A LONG TIME AGO OKAY • Jeans: Hydraulic • Necklace: Forever21 • Docs: Ebay • Water Eagle Feather hairpiece: Waloosi's Emporium

Jeez, it sure has been a while. I think I'm suffering from SAD (seasonal affective disorder); I got it really bad at the end of last winter (which was harsh and endless) and considering that it gets dark at 5pm here, it puts me in a real funk. Lately being at the computer ends in me feeling really dazed and in need of a nap, and the notion of dressing up in anything other than my pajamas (or my work clothes on my not-days-off) makes me want to curl up in bed. I don't know how I'm going to be able to blog during the winter, but try to bear with me?

So, what does it say about me that I can still fit in these jeans after owning them for over four years? Though they're a little worse for wear (in that I've worn them so much that they barely fit around my hips anymore, plus I've worn a hole through the knee) but they were my favourite jeans for a while.

Up until I saw these photos.

Aw man, I don't know. I feel like my legs look freakishly short in these pictures. Is it just me? Maybe it's because I rarely wear jeans that sit so low down on my waist? Maybe flare cut makes a leg look short? It's driving me mad.

By the way, I am in freaking love with this bustier. I want to wear it with everything all the time. It was actually too big (and still is a little) and I managed to sew it up by hand both to fit my torso, and to fit my wee boobs. Hey, I'm just pretty pleased with myself!

I also wanted to address the feather hairpiece. I know, these things aren't big news and tons of girls have worn them by now. I was actually avoiding them, as I rather hate wearing over-produced trendy items (unless I just really freaking love the style) but I was shopping at Waloosi's and spotted this one. I could tell it was made from real deer skin, and handmade to boot, and while at checkout with the woman who owns the store, she told me that her mother (named Water Eagle) made it herself, and that it was her first one. She explained that they were testing to see how easily it would sell, and since it sold fairly instantly, that her mother would be thrilled to know and would probably make more. I was so glad to have purchased it! Water Eagle makes many native American accessories and other garments for pow-wows, so I know this feather hairpiece is made by someone who put a lot of thought and care into it. Much better than buying a mass-produced hairpiece from a corporation. (And it will go so well with other things I bought, one of which being a vintage seed-bead belt I got off eBay that I've been meaning to wear. I'll put something together soon!)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Urgent, please read if you're in the US: American Censorship Day

When you click to read this post, or anything on my blog, you will be stopped by an alert saying my website is blocked. It's just a code I added to my blog to direct you to a petition I will address in a moment -- but it can be the future of most of the websites you visit if the US Congress passes a bill today giving them the power to block any and all websites for "infringing links posted by any users."

This means that any photos you have posted to your blog that don't explicitly belong to you will result in the U.S. Congress black listing your blog or site without your consent. Websites like Tumblr, WeHeartIt, Flickr, DeviantART, Youtube, 4chan.org, most likely Cracked.com, and many others will be torn down from the internet.

This is ridiculous, and we who utilise the internet for sharing media will be hurt the most. This is not a world that George Orwell depicted in "1984" and it should never come to that, but if Congress gets its way, then we will be on our way there.

I urge you to visit AmericanCensorship.org, sign the petition to Congress (you don't have to include your address) and share on Twitter tagged #USACensored.

Also, if you wish to have your blog take part in this petition, the code and directions to include your URL are on the front page of the website that I linked above.

I know this is not fashion related, and involved a lot of weird mumbo jumbo, but this could be the beginning of the end for the internet. Please sign the petition and keep our internet free.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

61; Govinda

Bustier: Urban Outfitters (Staring at Stars) • Jacket: thrifted • Skirt: Wholesale-dress.net • Boots: Etsy • Belt: Renaissance faire • Earrings: Hyannis, Cape Cod • Earcuff: eBay • Necklace: DIY • Bracelet: Waloosi's Emporium • Rings: Garnet fringe from UMA (India import store), Quartz ring from Hivennn (her blog here), and stud rings from Forever21

Yeah, lots of photos here! I don't know, I just liked a lot of them. Call me vain, but it's pretty rare when I look at photos of myself and go, "wow."

So if you've ever wondered what it looks like where I live: wonder no more. When I say we live basically right up against a forest, I mean it. This patch of forest reaches around the backside of our house and goes on up about 1/3 of the street that takes you downtown.

By the way, check out Hivennn on Etsy. She makes the coolest jewelery! I'm going to try to buy one of her Lucky Dip rings sometime soon. I hope it comes in citrine. (Also, she's such a sweetheart. My quartz ring got lost in the mail and she sent me a new one without any fuss, with a small gift! She's awesome.)

I wore this to hang out with my fiancée oh, my engagement ring is mysteriously absent from these photos; oops and a co-worker of ours, Krissy. Krissy was due to hop on a plane for Washington DC to visit her significant other for a couple of days, so Kathryn and I scheduled to have her take the train over to see her before she left. We spent the afternoon downtown in the fanciest café/restaurant in town for lunch, coffee, and discussion on a new Dreamwidth roleplay plot we'd come up with. (Yeah, we're those kinds of lame kids, doing literary RPs and weird stuff.)

Though, these photos were taken days after that actually happened, mainly because it was the day before I got my hair recoloured and the state of my hair was really dragging me down. The last thing I wanted to do was take photos featuring my horrible roots and my ever dulling blonde. I'm glad I waited; I am just loving my hair lately.

I apologise about how awkwardly deflated this bustier looks on me. I just...don't have boobs. See, it's pinned up to fit me, but I haven't gotten around to sewing it up yet. I actually have to take the pins out again, because they're all in the sides and they bunch awkwardly. I'm going to be sewing the stitches up in the back, in two lines parallel to the zipper, so hopefully it won't bunch. I sewed it up originally at the sides and it was just not flattering, at all. Nothing I do seems to fix the cups, though. I guess I'll have to invest in some cup-fillers or something. Whatever they're called. I don't know. (And I just bought another bustier from UO that I'm taking in at the moment in between typing this, and the cups are strangely wrinkly. I just don't understand.)

Also, I would like to call out my friend Eli/'Mobung' for a sec -- see? I can smile sometimes!

Looking at these photos...I worry that constantly covering half of my face with my hair looks lame. I really love how it looks, but I'm afraid of looking like a cyclops or something. Eh.

By the way, here's an explanation behind the post title:

Sunday, November 13, 2011


I don't even know how this happened! But I will say that it did make my horrible, endless, and wicked painful eight-hour shift at work melt into oblivion. 453 votes (at this moment)? Really, guys? I am just blown away.

Consider my day -- nay, my whole week -- officially made. ♥

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Some shopping aid!

The always lovely Iben of Despite Color left me a comment today on my previous post saying she had been looking for some decent leather pants for a while. Mine came from Forever21, and I have since not found them on their site, or in the one store of theirs I can find near me. Even then, they were originally in the price range of $20-$30, and were put on a sale rack, then their price was reduced further because a customer broke the front button off! So I kind of lucked out anyway.

I did some research, and while I can't find anything for as little as $20 (without looking through shady Chinese wholesale sellers on eBay), these other options seem to be of very good quality, starting at under $50.

Of course, if you do enough eBay searching, you can definitely find a decent pair!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

60; Firefox

Top: PacSun • Pants + necklace: Forever21 • Boots + belt: Etsy • Bracelet: Waloosi's Emporium

Look at my hair! I'm ginger-blonde! So I was due to get my hair lightened like...two months ago. For the massive delay, I apologise -- for both getting my hair done, and posting more outfits. My roots were just getting so ridiculously bad that I kind of felt embarrassed to take photos of them. That, and I was growing so tired of my hair colour. Something about it looked really dirty to me, and not in the cool, stylish way. Something about my hair colour looked different from when I first got my hair lightened. While at the salon today, while getting the bleach washed out of my hair, I asked the stylist what shampoo she was using (because hell, if I like the product, I want to buy some!) and she told me it was a simple, purple-tinged shampoo, and told me it's good for people who have light blonde hair, as it keeps the colour clearer and looking better. I asked how, and she explained to me that the water in this area is pretty bad (and it is) and will turn your hair reddish-brownish. This has explained why my hair turned a really gross, dull colour! Now I'm really going to focus on buying some. I am terrified of what the stuff in the water might do to my hair at this point.

I still want to get to a lighter, whiter colour, but it's a process. I went to a different salon this time, as I thought the price was going to be only $85, therefore cheaper than the last place I went to. While there assessing what I wanted to have done to my hair, the stylist seemed alarmed that in my request to try to go platinum, the previous girl suggested giving me foil colour. She said it didn't make sense, as it's more expensive, and she didn't do it all over my hair, like we had originally established.

Thus, this stylist just slathered bleach on my head, and later toner, and trimmed my hair -- for a measly $50. I actually have pure white highlights in places where my blonde was the lightest, which suggests to me that if I get it bleached one more time, I'll get to where I want to be. Exciting!

So yeah, it's sort of a funny, firey orange colour in the back. My older hair is stubborn about relinquishing its original colour, but I kind of like it for right now. At least it's not a flat looking hair colour, and it makes me want to Kool-Aid my hair with something red or pink. As I was talking to the stylist, I brought it up and mentioned how Jean Greige tried purple, but it came out in other colours as well. She explained that the different food dyes used to colour the power will take individually on bleached hair, which is just freaking awesome to hear. I need to hit a Wal-Mart post haste and see what looks more appealing to slap onto my hair.

Okay, I think I can now shut up about my hair.

These were taken with my new DSLR! (Well, so were the photos for my Halloween costume, but I had not yet found a good setting for dimly-lit photos, at that point.) I am freaking thrilled with this camera. I think we are soulmates or something.

Last order of business: you can like On the Ganges on Facebook! (Click the banner to visit.)

Hope to see you there. ♥

Monday, November 7, 2011

WhatImWearing @ Dreamwidth + Three invite codes!

WhatImWearing on Dreamwidth (DW) has launched! In case you missed out on me talking about it, it's a community on DW that basically acts as a condensed and shared style blog for a community of people. (It sort of looks like the New Page on Lookbook, minus the Karma filter, and more photos and ability to talk.) This follows under the popular WhatIWoreToday communities on websites like DW, and LiveJournal. (If you also missed it, I sort of had a bad experience with the currently active one on LJ, and the one WIWT community on DW never went anywhere.)

Though I regret to inform you guys that Dreamwidth membership is paid (for as little as $3) or invite code (for a free account) only. Luckily, I have three invite codes on hand at the moment, and I can always request more -- though there's a long waiting period to get them; I think they hand them out en masse once every month or so? If so, DW openly advertises a community called DW_Codesharing, which is exactly what it sounds like, and is updated often.

I would love to see some new faces over at WhatImWearing (as there are only seven members so far, including me, and only two of us post!) so here are three invite codes to get you guys started. I will always be requesting more codes from the maintainers of the site, and when I get them, I will be posting them here on this blog!

If you take a code, please comment with which one you took, so that I can cross them out. It's no fun to snag a code only to find it's already been taken!


Hope to see you guys there! ♥

EDIT: My lovely wife-to-be informed me that she has four extra invite codes on her DW account, and will happily share them with me (to share with you guys) if and when these three are claimed. Isn't she awesome? ♥

Also I totally spaced -- thank you SO much for the comments on my previous post. You guys are really wonderful; I am so glad to see so many open minded and sensible people! I always love reading your opinions and feedback, but I loved it even more on that post of mine. I love you guys.