Thursday, October 27, 2011

58; Patchouli

Top, jacket, skirt: thrifted • Docs: Ebay • Belt: Etsy • Ear cuff: Moon Dragon Designs (not to be confused with MRD) • Bracelet: Waloosi's Emporium • Necklaces: DIY

Woah, so many thrifted items! I bought the shirt and skirt together, but didn't anticipate that they'd go together until I got home and was trying things on.

Also, I really apologise for the excessive use of my Doc Martens. They've become my default shoe, mainly because another pair of wedges of mine began falling apart (that's for you). I kind of suck at buying new shoes; when I have the money to spare, I end up buying other clothing pieces instead. I can't help it. I'll work harder, dear blog readers, I promise.

In other (awesome) news: I ordered a Canon Rebel T2i and it should arrive on my door step tomorrow or the next day! Not that I'm dissatisfied with this camera -- in fact, this little point and shoot packs quite a punch -- but I've always dreamed of having a professional grade camera. There's so many more things I want to do with photography that I can't with this camera. I want my photography to be an art form, and I would love to have better tools on hand.

Speaking of my photography (because I hardly mean my outfit photos; those are taken by Kathryn, because she's awesome like that), feel free to browse my dinky little photography blog: Ghosts on the Horizon. I'd really appreciate it! I have tons more photos waiting to be posted.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

All That Glitters

I'll tell you the truth: I used to hate sequins. I mean, hate with a passion. To an extent, I still cringe when I see some articles of clothing, but those are usually the shirts you spot at Wal-Mart with the crappy sequin work (IE, lightly peppered along a screened shirt), and the like. You know: far from tasteful.

For a couple of months now, I've noticed that sequined clothes are really coming back. I've seen batwing jackets, mini dresses, you name it, all over my favourite online shops, and they're all pretty fantastic. They take me back to my teenaged years when I was introduced to Rocky Horror and seeing Nell Campbell as Columbia. I've now grown extremely fond of sequined items, or just generally anything sparkly. I just think these clothing items will be great to beat to winter blues! (I think Casey and I are the only ones being dragged into winter kicking and screaming.)

I've compiled a little collection of glittering garments that are just amazing, ranging from most to least expensive. (All images link back.)


Sources: Gypsy WarriorVantage Point VintageTotal Recall VintageEtsyForever21

I am legit considering those Roller Derby shorts, especially since they're made to order. Even if I can't wear them until next year when it warms up, I'll be ready at least. The only thing keeping me from buying a pair as I type this is my indecision for what colour I want. I'm stuck between black, white, and turquoise. (Also, the model in the very last photo for Total Recall Vintage looks like Mélanie Laurent to me, which probably means nothing to anyone except Kathryn... Well, unless you've seen Inglourious Basterds?)

Monday, October 17, 2011

57; Ragnarök

Top: so old, can't remember • Vest: Claire's (I regret nothing) • Shorts: thrifted DIY • Shoes: Maurices • Scarf: Fanueil Hall open market • Belly dancing belt + chainmail hand-bracelet + dagger: renaissance faire (King Richard's) • Skull bracelet + crystal pendant: Waloosi's Emporium • Fringe necklace: Forever21

I wore this to King Richard's Faire -- a renaissance faire -- except the dagger necklace wasn't a necklace at the time (it's a real dagger that I made into a necklace when I got home), plus I was also wearing a pair of handmade horns also purchased while there. Kathryn's sister said I looked like a viking. I was fairly pleased with the observation.

I am so fond of this vest. It's faux fur, and it looks so freaking lovely, and I don't think I spent more than $22. (I can't remember, since I paid for this with the ear piercings I got on the same day.)

In other news, I sort of ragequit that outfit-sharing page on LiveJournal I was whining about a few posts back. Instead I started the same community over on DreamWidth, a website like LJ, DeadJournal, InsaneJournal, et cetera. (There was already the same community there on DW, but it was never updated when it was started two years ago. I felt like it was a bit of a lost cause.) I would be quite happy if anyone reading this joined! I mean, if you're into one of those sorts of websites. It's basically a communal personal-style blog/Lookbook. Doesn't that sound fun?

And hey, if you join, drop me a comment on my personal account there and we can be friends. (As if that's incentive to join a whole new website, I know...) ♥

Friday, October 14, 2011

56; The Weird West in 3D

Top: borrowed from Kathryn • Vest: DIY • Shorts + fringe necklace: Forever21 • Belt + boots: Etsy • Shades: Newbury Comics

Hah, these photos were taken like, maybe last month? (Late last month, granted, but still.) I got a second set of earlobe piercings on this day, and a wonderful fake fur vest that you'll be seeing in my next outfit. I wore it to Kind Richard's Faire and someone stopped me just to ask where I bought it, because she had been searching for a decent fake fur vest and dropped $40 on one online that turned out to be less than satisfying.

Also, I get paid on the 21st, and I will be combining funds with Kathryn to purchase a Canon Rebel T2i though a shop-at-home website that offers monthly payments. I had thought to try this out last month, back when the camera in total was about $1050 (approximately $347 per month) but Kathryn advised against it, pointing out that it would be cheaper to buy the camera elsewhere in full. I stalled, because saving up $800 would take forever and the appeal of my master plan was that I give them my first payment plus $15 for shipping, and I'd get the camera immediately. I ended up just putting it all off in favour of focusing on getting Kathryn birthday presents. The camera's price has dropped, and while it's still at $899 on the website (and elsewhere it's cheaper), I feel like this is all just very convenient. I had no real reason to check the bookmarked page I had for the camera, but I did last night, and it's almost as if it's calling out to me. And hell, it seems that most of the negative reviews for it on Amazon have to do with malfunctioning cameras, not the quality of the camera itself. I just can't wait to have the camera and learn with it!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

55; Stand and Deliver

Dress: UK Style by French Connection UK • Leggings: Romwe • Docs: Ebay • Belt: Borrowed • Jewelery: everywhere imaginable

Wore this to go out with some friends shopping. Found a wicked pair of skinny jeans and a cropped top, and the freaking coolest tie dyed stereo headphones ever that you will definitely see me use as a fashion piece.

What sucks is, it's getting colder and colder here. I have no idea what I'm going to wear, or where to take my outfit photos. I thrive on natural light, and where this house is situated, it doesn't get a great amount of sunlight during the day. I'm still brainstorming.

Hate to cut this short, but I've gotta eat some dinner. I'll try to brush upon my adventures at King Richard's Faire (the biggest local rennaisance fair) that I attended yesterday ASAP. I was basically dressed like some weird gypsy viking -- as I aquired a pair of ceramic horns early in the day -- and ended up putting on more and more accessories as I bought them. You'll see...kinda soon! (I have another outfit waiting to be posted, see.)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

54; Wake up in the morning feeling like George Harrison

 Top: Ebay • Vest: DIY • Shorts: Crystallized Vintage • Boots: Etsy • Scarf: Salem MA • Shades: Gypsy Warrior • Jewelery: Earrings (I can't remember!), Bone carved bracelet (antique), Om bracelet + garnet fringe ring (India import shop), Elephant Ring (borrowed, Urban Outfitters), that other ring (gift), engagement ring (it counts, right?)

You know, if George Harrison was a west coast gypsy biker chick... Yeah.

Kathryn suggested that I add the story behind the image on my tank top:

Gajendra, the king of elephants, disturbed a mighty crocodile who grabbed one of his legs and began pulling him under the water. Trapped within the crocodile’s strong jaws, Gajendra tried in vain to free himself. He struggled hard but the crocodile’s hold remained firm. Gajendra called out to his herd, but they were too frightened to come to his aid. As he was about to drown, the elephant-king picked up a lotus with his trunk. Lifting it towards the heavens, he cried, “I offer this to Vishnu, my lord, the refuge of the helpless.” Instantly, the lord descended from Vaikuntha on his mount Garuda, and liberated Gajendra by striking down the crocodile.

So this is pretty much why Visnu is my bro.


In retrospect, it seems odd that these photos were taken in three different locations. Well, Kathryn and I are so sick of Dunkin' Donuts' terrible coffee (well, it is pretty unimpressive coffee) so we take the train two towns over just to have either Starbucks, or the local Dunk's impostor, Dippin Donuts, which sells New England brand coffee. It is so worth the four bucks spent getting there and back on the train, let me tell you. I mean, as if their Sticky Cinnamon Bun coffee wasn't amazing enough, but they also have Pistachio Ice Cream flavoured coffee, and it's just fan-freaking-tastic.

To make a long story short (too late), we were on our way to the train and I asked for outfit pictures. As we continued through town, I wanted more -- as I was unhappy with the first ones -- and then when we got to our destination, I saw this open lot with all of this overgrown plant life, and I knew I had to get a couple of pictures there as well.

These were taken about a week or so ago. Since then, the weather has become awfully cold, and I despise it. I even won a dress by LOVE through According to Annika, and unless we get a heat wave, I won't be able to wear it anywhere. What a bummer.

Also, I'm more involved with my twitter account. Check it out if you like seeing me rant about things in 140 characters or less!