Tuesday, May 29, 2012

89; Does anyone love the way they are?

Dress: c/o SheInside.com • Flannel: Don't even remember • Vest: DIY • Beanie: convenience store • Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Stevie • Necklaces: Ganesha (borrowed) and crescent moon (new age shop)

Kathryn harassed me that I should put the last two photos on here. Fine. There. Happy now, Kathryn?

My choice of necklaces was symbolic, reflecting one of the few stories in Hinduism explaining why Ganesha only has one tusk. (Source) It's a story of how he overindulged himself on food given to him by devotees, and on his ride home his steed (the rat he is typically drawn being with) stumbles over a snake, and when Ganesha falls, his belly splits open and all of the sweets fall out. Watching this, the Moon (who according to legend always shone every night) laughs at him, and he takes his tusk and throws it at her, and curses her to never shine again. She disappears from the sky and the balance is disrupted, leaving the sun to always shine. The gods come to Ganesha to have him resolve the issue, and he brings the Moon back, but on the condition that she wax and wane, and can not shine during certain points each month. (New moon.) I just love the silliness of it, and the incorporation of trying to explain why the moon waxes, wanes, becomes full, and disappears from the sky.

I am really ridiculous.

I got this dress courtesy of She Inside. I'm a little late to hopping on the 'maxi dress bandwagon' but whatever. It's fun to use as a canvas for grunging up. I haven't worn one in like, almost a year? They're sort of a challenge for me, in terms of styling them. I can do A LOT when I can mix up the top and bottom to an outfit, but if it's all one entity, I have to get a little more creative -- and if you guys know me (and you probably do) then you'll know how lazy I am.

Still, black's a great colour in terms of clothing, and this just jumped out at me! I immediately knew I had to wear this with a denim vest and beanie, and either flannel or a hoodie. Since I'm lacking in hoodies that aren't incredibly oversized on me (comically so), I went for flannel.

I consulted Formspring as to whether or not to wear Stevies or Creepers with this. The general concensus was Creepers, but I was just loving how the Stevies looked, and I just felt that it was almost too predictable to wear Creepers with this outfit. I like the idea that the 'character' of this outfit is a total babe who loves grunge, but she only has girlyass clothes in her arsenal like dresses and platform heels.

Salia Ren put it beautifully in response to my Formspring question:

"Even though I'm not usually a fan of the Stevie/Lita shape, I'd still go with the Stevies! :-) Gives a different, pretty rad vibe to the outfit. With the creepers, the outfit kind of slurs, "Hey man. 'ts up man. Rock on." *rock hand formation* in a way that I would probably expect. With the Stevies, the outfit turns into some ensemble for a grunge rock diva, and instead of slurring, it might say (in a slightly high-pitched but raspy voice), "'ts up man?! ROCK ON BABY!" *rock hand formation showcasing totally posh long nails but with black chipped nail polish on them* Irresistible."


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Monday, May 21, 2012

88; You'd Better Run

Sweater: Decree via JC Penny • Maxi dress worn as a duster: thrifted • Denim cutoffs: thrifted Abercrombie & Fitch (I know right?) • Boots: ALDO shoes • Harley-Davidson beanie: convenience store • Belt: gift from my girl Isabel Spectre! • Evil eye harness: eBay

Damn, this was the first day in a while where I happened to have a day off from work during nice weather. All of my days have been falling on cold, rainy weather, which is part of my lack of outfit posts. Not having a car means having to walk around to get places, and I refuse to get all gussied up if I'm just going to be bundled up in my weatherproof winter coat all day, possibly getting rained on. Screw that, I'll just wear jeans and some ugly sweaters in that case.

I regretted not having flowers in my bootlaces, something I adore seeing, so after these were taken, I promptly hit the local Jo-Ann's and bought a three dollar bundle of fakes. I really wish I'd been able to get them before taking these photos, but whatever. It's not as if I'll never take outfit photos again!

My favourite aspect of this outfit above all is the maxi skirt, used as a duster. The fabric is so damn light and flowy, that it flies up behind me while I walk, and it catches even the gentlest breeze. It looks freaking magical, especially with my hair colour. Aww yeah.

Hey hey, on another note, I'm up in another contest with PLNDR to assist-style for an upcoming photoshoot with them! Since, y'know, I'm a fashion blogger and all, I figure this is right up my alley, and since I'm a hop, skip, and a jump away from their headquarters, it's almost insultingly perfect for me!

Click here to vote (must like their Facebook page; sorry if it's a pain! I WILL RETURN THE FAVOUR?), you can vote once per day until the contest ends!

Off topic: anyone see the Avengers? OH MY GOD HAVEN'T BEEN SO EXCITED ABOUT A MOVIE SINCE...I CAN'T EVEN REMEMBER. I am very and wholeheartedly seriously considering making a Loki inspired outfit. I have horns that I bought at King Richard's Faire last fall. I...I think I need to make this happen. Will you guys judge me? Yeah, that's okay.


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Thursday, May 10, 2012

87; Dandy Highwayman

Bustier: Sparkle and Fade via Urban Outfitters • Vest: Child's Halloween costume • Leggings: c/o shopakira • Boots: ALDO shoes • Choker: Spencer's • Ankle: handmade from Hyannis, Cape Cod

Pink hair! Do ya dig? It's a little more orange hued than I was wanting, but whatever. I kinda messed up the dye concoction anyway, so it's my fault. I've gotten tons more compliments on this than when my hair was blue, and yet, I liked it better then. This shade of pink's not quite my favourite, and while Kathryn agrees with me, everyone else insists this better suits me. Hey, whatever! I like it all right. I'll probably do grape Kool-Aid again in the future, that was really awesome. Someone else suggested I do lemon yellow, I think it was Kathryn? That's really tempting too. (Only if it turns out like, neon.)

Fun fact about this vest: it was purchased on a whim when I was seventeen and living in Arizona, at a Halloween shop downtown that was running a massive "it's after Halloween and we need this stuff gone before the end of the week when our lease expires" sale. I think it was five bucks? Didn't even realise it was child's size until after I got home. I feel like Adam Ant in this. Er, child-sized Adam Ant. It took everything in me not to put warpaint on my face when getting dressed. I kind of regret that decision not to.

Check out these amazing denim pannel leggings that shopakira sent me. They have denim pannels in all of the inappropriate areas, so they can be worn as pants! So, you know, no complaints from the fashion audience saying, "eww, hate when girls wear leggings as pants, camel toe, eww!" BAM, these things should win an award for being so clever. They almost look like chaps, the kind motorcycle guys wear sometimes. That's always a plus.

There's so much awesome sexy/adorable stuff from shopakira's brand that I just can't get over, much like these leggings. Check 'em out; I really think I'm gonna get this pink and blue cropped turtleneck when I get paid 'cuz damn, I can't deal with how perfect it is! Here are some pieces that I love, but you can check out shopakira's label here!

Everything is until $50 except for those drop dead gorgeous blue leggings. I'd blow $80 on those in a heartbeat, if it was within the realm of possibility.

Title ref, if you didn't know this song already! (And if you don't, you need to rectify that.)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

86; Permanent Vacation

Jacket: thrift • Top: eBay vintage • Shorts: Crystalized Vintage • Biker shorts + earrings: DIY • Boots: ALDO • Belt + elephant necklace: Etsy vintage • Nose chain: DRONE SOCIETY • Mala beads: eBay

Kathryn was confused when she saw me editing these photos. "Haven't you worn that look already?" I told her I hadn't on the blog, that I only wore this shirt in a blog-featured outfit once before. "Only once? I feel like you've worn this outfit a lot more often than that." It's because I have; this is basically what I live in right now. Kathryn has seen me in this outfit (or some variation of) so much that when I got dressed this day, grabbed the camera, and told her I needed outfit photos, her reply was, "sure; what're you going to wear? Oh...that?" Not in a bad way, but in surprise that something I was wearing so frequently warrented photos. I've also worn this with the American Rebel muscle tee and Aztec blue and red poncho, and with a black slightly oversized leather jacket. It still floors me some days how shifting one or two accessories can really affect an outfit.

By the way, how crazy freaking awesome is this nose chain? I had to do some slight alterations so that the chain would be on the side of my face where my hair isn't. (I also took the fringe danglies off of the actual nose hoop because they were constantly tickling my upper lip and it was a bizarre feeling.) I want the matching ruby tikka WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING.

I also need to address the biker shorts. I really do love wearing shorty-shorts every day that I can, but some pairs that I own just make me feel really freaking uncomfortable. Usually perpetuated by me just feeling all-around awkward some days, the crotch-harrassment from the stiff denim, or the butt-harrassment from the stiff denim makes me pass up these kinds of shorts when getting dressed, and I hated it. So my solution? Shorts underneath shorts, and it is so comfortable! I folded the legs up a little so it didn't look stupid, and bam, makes my favourite shorts even more perfect.

Man, still on the subject of these shorts, does anyone remember Crystalized Vintage? Disarming Darling's old vintage store? Damn I loved it when it was running last year. I remember seeing these shorts on her blog and going, "THOSE ARE MINE," before they were even up on her eBay store. It was also deceptively easy to win them too, considering the bidding wars I had seen on everything else in her store. I was just tiny enough to warrant the right to own them (ie. fit into them), thus cementing the concept that we were meant to be together.

So I really need to stop pigging out, because I can barely fit into them anymore.

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