Saturday, July 16, 2011

Reduced to Hysterics (a Jeffrey Campbell appreciation post)

 So I have this dinky two-liter soda bottle that I dump my tip money into when I get home from work (save the dollar bills, as I usually just lug the thing to the grocery store to drop into the CoinStar), and I designate at points what I'm going to do with the money. It's about 3/5 full and last I counted, it was at $77. Last time it was to help buy my new camera. This time, I'm saving up for my tattoo. (God knows how much that will cost.)

Already, I'm planning on what I'll want to save up for next. Kathryn likes to plan far ahead and I'm sure she'd rather that I just throw it all in my savings, which is reserved for when we move out (we estimate about a year from now) and have to pay our own way. I am always conscious of how precious money is in a situation like that, and I've been stocking cash away for when that day will come, but I'm also in the mindset that in the present, we have a secure place to stay and the most we pay for is our luxuries, our own pet food, and the regular $20 towards groceries when Kathryn's mom goes out. If any time is a good time to save up for a big splurge, it's probably now.

Right now, I'm really dying for a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas. My fallback choice will probably be black, in whatever material that is available -- mainly because I can't decide between the default leather, suede, or velvet.

I recalled Annika mentioning a website that I visited immediately at the time that I used as a reference point in my first Friday/Love post. After hitting Nasty Gal for Lita options, I tried there --

Oh my good lord, I had no idea Litas came in so many breathtaking flavours.

Unfortunately, I read a review that the Cosmic Litas are poorly made; the screened image is cheap and the customer said they were returning them immediately. What a letdown.

I, however, go weak in the knees at the sight of some nice antique style furniture upholstry material... it's fortunate for me that I'm sitting at the computer as I type this post.

I can barely wrap my mind around what I'm seeing. I can't even begin to figure out which one I love the most! Though it hardly matters, as the first two are sold out of most sizes, and the latter is completely out of stock. Granted, this is only on Solestruck, so these beautiful things might still be elsewhere online. I am under the impression that Solestruck will be restocking eventually, or else they 1. wouldn't continue to show these designs on their site, and 2. wouldn't give me the option to get an email the moment they restock my size. (Which I did for all three of these designs. Don't judge me.)

I can't decide what would be a better move. It seems that plain black Litas are a staple piece, and are always available. Would it be wiser to buy one of the three designs above to secure having them, despite the fact that they won't go with everything by any means, or buy a pair that is assured to go with most of anything that I wear? Or buy the more unique of my desires first, and dare to buy a pair of plain black sometime later? (I think Kathryn would kill me, though.)

I have time to consider my options, at least. One way or another, I'll be getting a pair someday...though at the rate that I'm working (two days a week at a total of nine hours, during the shifts where tips are pretty pathetic), I'll probably have to donate portions of my paychecks if I ever want to see a pair of Litas on my feet before I die of old age. Note to self: new job ASAP.


  1. I bought the nude suede litas during a super duper sale for $88. That's a shame the cosmic litas are cheaply made- I love the innovative print. The light blue color would be my second choice, me thinks. And I dig your style, m'lady! Especially the crow ring from a few posts back!

  2. And I meant to add that I giggled at your post title. I don't know if I was supposed to or not, but I thought it was clever. You'll get your shoes, soon! I bet if you e-stalk them you'll find a cheaper pair :)

  3. Alecto; it hadn't occurred to me to look at other websites, outside of Lulu's or Nasty Gal...probably because those are the only sites (aside from Solestruck) where I've seen them. And yeah, it's really disappointing that the cosmic Litas are crappy quality, but perhaps JC will have that fixed in the future? Thanks for the suggestion that I shop around!

    Thank you for the compliment! I'm contemplating either buying a necklace from the guy who made that ring, or custom ordering an ear cuff. I just can't decide!

  4. I keep some black shoes because they're sometimes necessary, but all of my favourite shoes are different colours and designs. Shoes are so much fun. I would definitely go with one of the more colourful Litas but that's my very biased opinion. :)

  5. Seriously, you're just gonna have to do this! I can see how much you've thought about it, and I only ever wax so lyrical when I need to justify something to myself - and I mean this in a good way! Totally go for it, don't worry about the far future, it's a pair of shoes not a yacht, so yay!

    I would opt for black, but I have a feeling you might be better with the colourful versions - the tapestry style are magnificent, perhaps these in a darker shade? That would be your mix of unique and practical in a nutshell, because the darker toned upholstery examples would probably work out to be more versatile than you think.

    Yes, get the foot furniture !

  6. Ria; the reason I'm torn is because I think the black leather Litas are gorgeous. They have that soft buttery leather jacket shine to them...but, antique upholstry! I am really hoping I can find the black upholstry design somewhere. They look pretty neutral and really nice.

    Louise; I agree! If I get them now, I'll have a super-duper nice pair of shoes to glean over when we have our own apartment and are living on microwaved dinners. ♥

    We must be brain twins! I was really considering the dark upholstry version, because I can really see them going with a black dress (fun fact: I just bought a black mini!) or even jeans and pretty much any shirt that's mainly black. I even have a black maxi skirt. I love the beige's design, but I rarely wear much brown (I'm slowly growing an acceptance for it; I used to despise any shade of brown), and I adore the red's colour, but I red tank top, and the intensities wouldn't go together. I think the black upholstry are really just the logical choice. :D

  7. Also, it's not just about what's obvious, as with black, because we often underestimate how patterns can work together as opposed to clashing. There's a likelihood the upholstery ones would work with more outfits than would be immediately obvious. There is also something about the patterned ones which would really suit your own particular aesthetic, to me.

  8. Oh, Jeffrey Campbell takes my breath away. My favorites are the turquoise suede ones and the second upholstery ones. I really hope that Solestruck restocks them in your size!


  9. Louise; you know, I was really wondering if the Litas will go or clash with the stripped top in my banner. I can't manage to picture it in my head, unfortunately, but they will go with plenty of other things in my mind! And I agree, I don't wear much velvet or leather for me to be able to justify buying the plain black ones.

    Em; I ADORE THE TURQUOISE ONES but I really have nothing that would go with them, except one or two shirts. Otherwise, I'd buy them immediately! Also, after some research, I found a website -- Shop Akira -- that had two pairs of the black tapestry. I do hope they're legitimate and everything.

    Tanya; I know! I can't wait for this fall when they release the new styles. :)

  10. Beautiful! In my opinion tirquoise are the best! Perfection! :))