Tuesday, November 29, 2011

63; The Inner Light (A George Harrison appreciation post)

Top and sweater: borrowed • Jeans: Eyeshadow • Scarf: Faneuil Hall market, Boston • Shades: Gypsy Warrior • Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell • Necklaces: DIY

When these were taken (yesterday), I had gotten up at four in the morning, walked downtown to get to work at five, worked until eight (am), went home, vegged, and walked back downtown to walk my fiancée home. (Who worked six to twelve.) So it's no wonder why I wanted to dress up in comfy clothes, especially since it was really mild. (Sixty-three degrees, baby! Yeah, this is something to celebrate during November in New England.) I am doing these insane things so that I can afford to get adequate Christmas gifts for everyone. Not a single penny is going to me, except probably to buy myself lunch at work, and to pay off the camera. I hope the gifts I give will be appreciated! Especially since this means I'll miss out on the Tunnel Vision opening and all of the awesome clothes and accessories.

I am so in love with the shorter-sleeved shirt. The way it hangs, the fabric, the colour...and it is freaking comfortable, especially with that sweater over it. Oh man, I am in love. ♥

Also, I feel weird wearing jeans. I only would wear them for work, as per their dress code. I don't know how I feel about this. (Mainly because most of my jeans really suck.)

Veering off course a bit (umm, a lot), today's a bit of a sad day for me. Ten years ago, my favourite musician and world-renowned Quiet Beatle, George Harrison, died. Yeah, I don't expect many people to keep reading beyond this point, and that's cool -- but anyway. My mom had exposed me to the Beatles as a kid, and I knew a couple of songs, but when he died I was pretty oblivious to anything outside of Pokémon and other kid things. I remember thinking it was really sad, though, and my mother was awfully broken up about it.

It effects me now after having revived my love for their music about five years ago, and getting into George's work specifically. While he wasn't nearly as famous as a solo artist as John or Paul, he's definitely one of the more influential people to have been around in the past century, as well as my life. His music and self are a few aspects to the mould that has shaped me as a person, and paved the path for me to find a religion that has finally given me some spiritual ease. (Honestly, I have a long way to go, but I'm getting there.)

I also must say that he's influenced my style a little. I don't know, I rather hated obnoxious paisley patterns up until I saw his rad sixties style. Look at that freaking shirt. And look at that face. That face says, "aww yeah, I know I'm one bad motherf*cker."

This dude is just one of my heroes, okay? This guy was awesome. He definitely helped bring Eastern culture to the Western world, and was responsible for things like The Radha Krsna Temple (as in the album, though he did so many things for the Radha Krsna Temple based in England in the seventies, like let them live in his house for  a short time, during which he and one of his guests took flamethrowers to the dead blackberry bushes in his backyard; true story) and Monty Python's Life of Brian. (Which he took a second mortgage out on his house to fund the movie.) This guy is so underrated and ridiculous and I love him.

I'll leave you guys -- if anyone's still around! -- with some picks from his Beatle days, and his solo years.

(A haunting version of the original White Album version)

Living in the Material WorldP2 Vatican BluesThe Inner LightIt's What You ValueIt's All Too Much


  1. I love this casual outfit! I like how you just showed a peek of your shoes. I wore jeans today, too and I never wear them.
    George is my favourite Beatle. I love his solo music just as much as I love The Beatles music. He was so beautiful and he had such great style! RIP <3

  2. Quinn; Oh man, I am practically living in that outfit lately, except I'm typically wearing Docs!

    George fans unite! Guh, he was seriously the best Beatle, next to Paul. He was just the most wonderful guy. ♥

  3. This is seriously my favorite of yours! I love the style of the jeans, the sweater, the Litas are great! Anything is just perfect together!!!!


  4. awesome comfy casual look, love the litas and the sweater! and sorry to hear that one of your icons passed on, i'm sure lots of people are affected by it but you'll always have his music to remember him :)

    Crystal Hearts Vintage

  5. oh my goodness i am in loooooove with this.
    first, JCs + jeans? love it.
    and oh man, george harrison.
    this man IS a hero. he is so much more than people give him credit for. personally i could never choose between beatles, or label any of them as better than another. because they were all special, and i love all of them. together they created something so impactful and perfect. but george was just, amazing. he was spiritual, yet he had this crazy and amazing sense of humor i obviously don't know him, but he's such an inspiration. and SO underrated. have you seen george harrison; living in the material world? i cried and cried.

    anyways, i love this post. thank you :)

  6. Love the Litas!