Saturday, December 3, 2011

64; It's a Dull Life

Top: Thrifted • Vest: Claire's • Pants: PacSun • Wedges: • Belt: Etsy • Necklaces: open market (bone carved) and Forever21 (spike fringe)

Holy shit guys, I'm legit smiling! I know you're so glad to be able to see my crooked, crowded teeth. ♥ But really, I'm pretty surprised that I didn't look hideous in that shot. Kathryn's made me laugh during shoots before, and I've cried in shock at how much I look like those funky photos of horses 'smiling'.

A more accurate representation of what I look like when smiling.

In retrospect, I don't know if I like this outfit so much, but I already went through the trouble of harrassing my fiancée to take photos, so whatever. To be honest, I don't have many shirts that go with these pants that don't make me look like an emo kid, but I was just really eager to wear these. Maybe if I had a black bustier or bralette...but I don't. Maybe I'll score one post-Christmas.

Also, I've started working on some jewelery that I hope to start selling on Etsy sometime next month. My hope is to have the shop up by late January, but it's likely it won't be up until February. I'll post some photos later on when I have more jewelery assembled. I have so many ideas and the sad part is, I can't invest enough money to make all of the pieces that I want until I have all of my Christmas shopping done. Colour me bummed. I guess it gives me time to get all of my other necklaces made up and ready to go, photos done, graphics and banners all made up...

But what I can promise is necklaces made of crystals, and/or bones. I ordered in a set of 30 rattlesnake vertebrae that I have a few ideas for...okay, one idea for, and it may not work out, because I don't know if the chain I bought will fit through the spinal column, but I'll figure it out! And before too long, I'll be offering altered/DIY thrifted clothes. That's probably a few months down the line, but I have some ideas for that I want to start with. ♥ I'll keep you updated!

Though, I'm not sure what to call the shop. I instantly figured I would name it after my blog, but I don't want to get tired of this name (because I'm alredy tired of using it on Dreamwidth; oops) so...I don't know! I'll have to brainstorm on that.


  1. Those jeans are so rad, love the pattern!

  2. Kat! You definitely do not look like a horse and if you do, you look like a cute horse! : ) I think you look great when you smile. Plus I like this outfit on ya, especially those jeans!

    xx, Crystal

  3. Sarah; thanks!

    Crystal; aww, thank you! In reality, I don't think I quite have a horse's face...maybe a cat? Perhaps a round-faced cat, like the I Can Haz Cheezburger? cat.

  4. Your blog and style are wonderful! I found you through Crystal's guest blogpost and I am happy that I did(!) Also your blog name is great. I am a Hindu, hello!

  5. Jesi; thank you so much! You're the first Hindu I've met through the fashion blogosphere; I was worried I was the only one! Your blog, too, is lovely. I followed you immediately. ♥

    Om shanti!