Wednesday, November 2, 2011

59; Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein's Bride"

Dress: Masquerade • Wedges: • Necklace: Spencer's (I am classy) • Chain tassel and amethyst pendulum earrings: DIY • Oppossum skull: uhh, DIY?

Halloween outfit. It's less of a 'costume' and more of an 'outfit' because it's just me in my prom dress wearing dark makeup. Oh, and with an oppossum skull tied to my head. (A legit skull I recovered in our back yard, along with some vertebrae. Aww yeah.)

Wore this to work (Dunkin' Donuts, mind you) minus the skull strapped to my head, and with a lace-trimmed tank top underneath to make it a little more work appropriate. I loved the handful of customers who could only come up with: "you look pale." Boy, do we have some serious modern day Sherlocks on our hands!

Oh yeah, indoor photos. We have snow outside and it's freaking cold. Thus, from now on, I'll probably be doing most of my outfit photos inside. Sorry that a fishtank is poking in on some shots. We're in the midst of reorganising some things in the bedroom, and we sort of have a fishtank floating around in the middle of the floor. Oops!

Speaking of snow, it showed up on Saturday night, and it was so heavy and wet, that it broke an endless amount of tree branches (and just trees themselves) which took out tons of power lines through out the state. Where I am living, we were without power for a few hours short of three solid days. (Starting Sunday at around a quarter past midnight.) This is why my Halloween 'outfit' is being posted now instead of, well, Monday. I mainly just wanted to have this up for the contest that Lookbook was running. I doubt I'll win anything, but having at least $100 to spend on some riding pants at American Apparel would be wonderful.


  1. It's really well done!!!! You look amazing!! :)

  2. This is so rad. I love how you drew the stitches. Very realistic. Ugh I'm so glad we haven't had snow. I'm not looking forward to it. SICK BEATLES POSTER GIRL!

  3. Thank you, Diane! ♥

    You're so lucky, Quinn. The snow's still here (though melting), and we'll probably get some more by next month. :( Not fun. And thanks! With the weather's direction, most of my outfit pictures will probably feature that poster. ♥

  4. I really love you dress, I would wear it in the daily life because I'm so so into black clothes and lace. Special mention for the Frankenstein like drawings on your body!!!! Very realistic and well done! I like it!