Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Urgent, please read if you're in the US: American Censorship Day

When you click to read this post, or anything on my blog, you will be stopped by an alert saying my website is blocked. It's just a code I added to my blog to direct you to a petition I will address in a moment -- but it can be the future of most of the websites you visit if the US Congress passes a bill today giving them the power to block any and all websites for "infringing links posted by any users."

This means that any photos you have posted to your blog that don't explicitly belong to you will result in the U.S. Congress black listing your blog or site without your consent. Websites like Tumblr, WeHeartIt, Flickr, DeviantART, Youtube,, most likely, and many others will be torn down from the internet.

This is ridiculous, and we who utilise the internet for sharing media will be hurt the most. This is not a world that George Orwell depicted in "1984" and it should never come to that, but if Congress gets its way, then we will be on our way there.

I urge you to visit, sign the petition to Congress (you don't have to include your address) and share on Twitter tagged #USACensored.

Also, if you wish to have your blog take part in this petition, the code and directions to include your URL are on the front page of the website that I linked above.

I know this is not fashion related, and involved a lot of weird mumbo jumbo, but this could be the beginning of the end for the internet. Please sign the petition and keep our internet free.


  1. Depressing. I kind of predicted something like this a while ago. I'm not even sure I could live without youtube!
    It was to good to last, wasnt it? Just a little too much power in the hands of the people. What sickens me is that ultimately it is about control, not for the greater good. I dare say facebook (already in cahoots with governments) won't suffer too much!
    I'm not very well informed about this info though, so shall do some reading.


  2. Omg, that's frightening. Isn't the US supposed to be one of the greatest democracies? -__- I hope it doesn't pass, I'm not American but a lot of the websites I frequent daily are.