Monday, November 7, 2011

WhatImWearing @ Dreamwidth + Three invite codes!

WhatImWearing on Dreamwidth (DW) has launched! In case you missed out on me talking about it, it's a community on DW that basically acts as a condensed and shared style blog for a community of people. (It sort of looks like the New Page on Lookbook, minus the Karma filter, and more photos and ability to talk.) This follows under the popular WhatIWoreToday communities on websites like DW, and LiveJournal. (If you also missed it, I sort of had a bad experience with the currently active one on LJ, and the one WIWT community on DW never went anywhere.)

Though I regret to inform you guys that Dreamwidth membership is paid (for as little as $3) or invite code (for a free account) only. Luckily, I have three invite codes on hand at the moment, and I can always request more -- though there's a long waiting period to get them; I think they hand them out en masse once every month or so? If so, DW openly advertises a community called DW_Codesharing, which is exactly what it sounds like, and is updated often.

I would love to see some new faces over at WhatImWearing (as there are only seven members so far, including me, and only two of us post!) so here are three invite codes to get you guys started. I will always be requesting more codes from the maintainers of the site, and when I get them, I will be posting them here on this blog!

If you take a code, please comment with which one you took, so that I can cross them out. It's no fun to snag a code only to find it's already been taken!


Hope to see you guys there! ♥

EDIT: My lovely wife-to-be informed me that she has four extra invite codes on her DW account, and will happily share them with me (to share with you guys) if and when these three are claimed. Isn't she awesome? ♥

Also I totally spaced -- thank you SO much for the comments on my previous post. You guys are really wonderful; I am so glad to see so many open minded and sensible people! I always love reading your opinions and feedback, but I loved it even more on that post of mine. I love you guys.


  1. I think it ate my last comment so in case it doesn't go through - I have 12 DW invite codes I've been trying to get rid of for ages, so I'd be happy to give someone a code if they'd like! Also I fully intend to post to the community soon, I've just been so busy. x_x

  2. Holy crap, Ria! How did you even get that many codes? :O It would be awesome if you shared those!

    And it's no problem; I keep slacking off on posting my outfits to that community myself. (And I'm putting off new outfit photos until I get my hair bleached -- which will be tomorrow!)

  3. Sounds so awesome! Definitely checking it out.

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