Sunday, November 27, 2011

62; A New Royal Family, a Wild Nobility

Bustier: Sparkle and Fade (Urban Outfitters) • Flannel: I am too embarrassed to admit it Wal-mart; IT WAS A LONG TIME AGO OKAY • Jeans: Hydraulic • Necklace: Forever21 • Docs: Ebay • Water Eagle Feather hairpiece: Waloosi's Emporium

Jeez, it sure has been a while. I think I'm suffering from SAD (seasonal affective disorder); I got it really bad at the end of last winter (which was harsh and endless) and considering that it gets dark at 5pm here, it puts me in a real funk. Lately being at the computer ends in me feeling really dazed and in need of a nap, and the notion of dressing up in anything other than my pajamas (or my work clothes on my not-days-off) makes me want to curl up in bed. I don't know how I'm going to be able to blog during the winter, but try to bear with me?

So, what does it say about me that I can still fit in these jeans after owning them for over four years? Though they're a little worse for wear (in that I've worn them so much that they barely fit around my hips anymore, plus I've worn a hole through the knee) but they were my favourite jeans for a while.

Up until I saw these photos.

Aw man, I don't know. I feel like my legs look freakishly short in these pictures. Is it just me? Maybe it's because I rarely wear jeans that sit so low down on my waist? Maybe flare cut makes a leg look short? It's driving me mad.

By the way, I am in freaking love with this bustier. I want to wear it with everything all the time. It was actually too big (and still is a little) and I managed to sew it up by hand both to fit my torso, and to fit my wee boobs. Hey, I'm just pretty pleased with myself!

I also wanted to address the feather hairpiece. I know, these things aren't big news and tons of girls have worn them by now. I was actually avoiding them, as I rather hate wearing over-produced trendy items (unless I just really freaking love the style) but I was shopping at Waloosi's and spotted this one. I could tell it was made from real deer skin, and handmade to boot, and while at checkout with the woman who owns the store, she told me that her mother (named Water Eagle) made it herself, and that it was her first one. She explained that they were testing to see how easily it would sell, and since it sold fairly instantly, that her mother would be thrilled to know and would probably make more. I was so glad to have purchased it! Water Eagle makes many native American accessories and other garments for pow-wows, so I know this feather hairpiece is made by someone who put a lot of thought and care into it. Much better than buying a mass-produced hairpiece from a corporation. (And it will go so well with other things I bought, one of which being a vintage seed-bead belt I got off eBay that I've been meaning to wear. I'll put something together soon!)


  1. The jeans look great on you and you don't look short! I AM MADLY IN LOVE WITH THAT BUSTIER. It's sweeet! I also love the necklace and docs. It gets dark around 5 here, too. I'm not looking forward to winter. Hopefully you will be okay. <3

  2. nice! xo

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway for an arty-oval style ring if you'd like to check it out. :)

  3. Love love your outfit! By the way, are you "JeanGreige's" sister? (Madeline's sister)? You look AWFULLY alike! I thought I was seeing double! ; )

    xx, Crystal

  4. No way, your legs look great. But I understand...being short always makes me critical of my photos as well. Love the top paired with the flannel!

  5. Quinn; well so far, it keeps jumping up into the sixties around here, so if winter keeps on like this, I will be happy as a clam. ♥

    Watermoolen; haha! No I'm not, but my fiancée says she can see why someone might think that. I didn't realise we kind of have similiar features?

    Casey; I think it was the angle of the photos or something, since my fiancée says I have long legs for my proportions. If only that mattered for being 5'0"!

    I'm so glad the two tops go together...I racked my brain trying to figure out how to wear a leather bustier and not look like a dominatrix!