Saturday, November 12, 2011

Some shopping aid!

The always lovely Iben of Despite Color left me a comment today on my previous post saying she had been looking for some decent leather pants for a while. Mine came from Forever21, and I have since not found them on their site, or in the one store of theirs I can find near me. Even then, they were originally in the price range of $20-$30, and were put on a sale rack, then their price was reduced further because a customer broke the front button off! So I kind of lucked out anyway.

I did some research, and while I can't find anything for as little as $20 (without looking through shady Chinese wholesale sellers on eBay), these other options seem to be of very good quality, starting at under $50.

Of course, if you do enough eBay searching, you can definitely find a decent pair!


  1. I got a nice pair from Topshop. High waist, zip at the back. Extra long leg length and zips at the ankles to slip your foot in

  2. they're so great and go with everything x