Thursday, November 10, 2011

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Top: PacSun • Pants + necklace: Forever21 • Boots + belt: Etsy • Bracelet: Waloosi's Emporium

Look at my hair! I'm ginger-blonde! So I was due to get my hair lightened like...two months ago. For the massive delay, I apologise -- for both getting my hair done, and posting more outfits. My roots were just getting so ridiculously bad that I kind of felt embarrassed to take photos of them. That, and I was growing so tired of my hair colour. Something about it looked really dirty to me, and not in the cool, stylish way. Something about my hair colour looked different from when I first got my hair lightened. While at the salon today, while getting the bleach washed out of my hair, I asked the stylist what shampoo she was using (because hell, if I like the product, I want to buy some!) and she told me it was a simple, purple-tinged shampoo, and told me it's good for people who have light blonde hair, as it keeps the colour clearer and looking better. I asked how, and she explained to me that the water in this area is pretty bad (and it is) and will turn your hair reddish-brownish. This has explained why my hair turned a really gross, dull colour! Now I'm really going to focus on buying some. I am terrified of what the stuff in the water might do to my hair at this point.

I still want to get to a lighter, whiter colour, but it's a process. I went to a different salon this time, as I thought the price was going to be only $85, therefore cheaper than the last place I went to. While there assessing what I wanted to have done to my hair, the stylist seemed alarmed that in my request to try to go platinum, the previous girl suggested giving me foil colour. She said it didn't make sense, as it's more expensive, and she didn't do it all over my hair, like we had originally established.

Thus, this stylist just slathered bleach on my head, and later toner, and trimmed my hair -- for a measly $50. I actually have pure white highlights in places where my blonde was the lightest, which suggests to me that if I get it bleached one more time, I'll get to where I want to be. Exciting!

So yeah, it's sort of a funny, firey orange colour in the back. My older hair is stubborn about relinquishing its original colour, but I kind of like it for right now. At least it's not a flat looking hair colour, and it makes me want to Kool-Aid my hair with something red or pink. As I was talking to the stylist, I brought it up and mentioned how Jean Greige tried purple, but it came out in other colours as well. She explained that the different food dyes used to colour the power will take individually on bleached hair, which is just freaking awesome to hear. I need to hit a Wal-Mart post haste and see what looks more appealing to slap onto my hair.

Okay, I think I can now shut up about my hair.

These were taken with my new DSLR! (Well, so were the photos for my Halloween costume, but I had not yet found a good setting for dimly-lit photos, at that point.) I am freaking thrilled with this camera. I think we are soulmates or something.

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Hope to see you there. ♥


  1. AHH! YOUR HAIR WOOOO. It looks lovely already, even if it's not finished.That stylist must have been pretty knowledgeable. yay! Kool aid! Do it. Do it.
    I adooore the leather pants and boots! That necklace is marvellous.

  2. Thank you! You know, I was pretty afraid of the yellow-golden blonde that I knew I would get to before platinum, but I think I lucked out on this with its transition to orange in the back. I could get used to this! I may go with a pink Kool-Aid dye, so I'll get different hues (as I suspect it should react to the yellow and orange).

    Haha, these are probably my favourite pants out of all of the ones I own. ♥

  3. Love this look, so freaking BADASS! And the new hair looks fantastic! I'm excited to see what it looks like with fun colour in it too!!!


  4. O god! The hair is all that i can concentrate upon here, regardless how awesome the pants, boots, necklace, etc.. the colour suits you so much, your complexion, style, etc. Absolutely perfect kat! x

  5. Zoë; Aww, thanks! "Badass" is probably one of the more flattering comments I think I've ever been graced with. ♥

    Louise; Thank you so much! I feel so much more in the zone -- as it were -- with my hair redone, if that makes sense. I think it happens to most girls when they go get their hair done, though. Best upper ever. :)

  6. I love your necklace and boots!! Awesome :)

  7. I looove your blog! Im totally inspired! And I love the way you write.

  8. Great necklace and boots!


  9. love the pants :D
    I definitely will following you if you follow me :D
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  10. Always cool and perfect ! Fan of your great style !

  11. Hi lovely Kat! Thanks so much for that sweet comment:D And I also have to say, those trousers are fierce! I've been looking for a perfect pair of leather pants for aaaages! PS: Love the boho/hippie look on the facebook header!

    <3 Iben

  12. I like the way you're sort of smiling in some of these pictures!

    Your new hair is cool. Your old hair was cooler, but I'm prefer subdued tones so I'm totally biased.

  13. Just love that whole look!!!
    Especially the pants :))

  14. This is badass :>