Tuesday, November 15, 2011

61; Govinda

Bustier: Urban Outfitters (Staring at Stars) • Jacket: thrifted • Skirt: Wholesale-dress.net • Boots: Etsy • Belt: Renaissance faire • Earrings: Hyannis, Cape Cod • Earcuff: eBay • Necklace: DIY • Bracelet: Waloosi's Emporium • Rings: Garnet fringe from UMA (India import store), Quartz ring from Hivennn (her blog here), and stud rings from Forever21

Yeah, lots of photos here! I don't know, I just liked a lot of them. Call me vain, but it's pretty rare when I look at photos of myself and go, "wow."

So if you've ever wondered what it looks like where I live: wonder no more. When I say we live basically right up against a forest, I mean it. This patch of forest reaches around the backside of our house and goes on up about 1/3 of the street that takes you downtown.

By the way, check out Hivennn on Etsy. She makes the coolest jewelery! I'm going to try to buy one of her Lucky Dip rings sometime soon. I hope it comes in citrine. (Also, she's such a sweetheart. My quartz ring got lost in the mail and she sent me a new one without any fuss, with a small gift! She's awesome.)

I wore this to hang out with my fiancée oh, my engagement ring is mysteriously absent from these photos; oops and a co-worker of ours, Krissy. Krissy was due to hop on a plane for Washington DC to visit her significant other for a couple of days, so Kathryn and I scheduled to have her take the train over to see her before she left. We spent the afternoon downtown in the fanciest café/restaurant in town for lunch, coffee, and discussion on a new Dreamwidth roleplay plot we'd come up with. (Yeah, we're those kinds of lame kids, doing literary RPs and weird stuff.)

Though, these photos were taken days after that actually happened, mainly because it was the day before I got my hair recoloured and the state of my hair was really dragging me down. The last thing I wanted to do was take photos featuring my horrible roots and my ever dulling blonde. I'm glad I waited; I am just loving my hair lately.

I apologise about how awkwardly deflated this bustier looks on me. I just...don't have boobs. See, it's pinned up to fit me, but I haven't gotten around to sewing it up yet. I actually have to take the pins out again, because they're all in the sides and they bunch awkwardly. I'm going to be sewing the stitches up in the back, in two lines parallel to the zipper, so hopefully it won't bunch. I sewed it up originally at the sides and it was just not flattering, at all. Nothing I do seems to fix the cups, though. I guess I'll have to invest in some cup-fillers or something. Whatever they're called. I don't know. (And I just bought another bustier from UO that I'm taking in at the moment in between typing this, and the cups are strangely wrinkly. I just don't understand.)

Also, I would like to call out my friend Eli/'Mobung' for a sec -- see? I can smile sometimes!

Looking at these photos...I worry that constantly covering half of my face with my hair looks lame. I really love how it looks, but I'm afraid of looking like a cyclops or something. Eh.

By the way, here's an explanation behind the post title:


  1. You're so lucky you don't have boobs. All I want is for tops to "hang" off of me, not look like I'm pregnant when I wear something baggy. I adore this entire outfit. I want your belt and that bustier baaaaad.

  2. That bustier is so super cute! Don't be down on not having boobs! Maybe just get a strapless bra? I dunno, I think it looks like it fits nicely in these photos. Love the belt too!!! And it looks so gorgeous where you live, I miss living around nature so much. Lucky lady!


  3. Oohohoh, I don't have boots either...It still looks great on you, though! I love your skirt! The rufflle-y-ness is awesome. The forest is gorgeous! It must be really pretty where you live. I'm loving your hair, too. It looks great next to your skin tone.

  4. Holy crap, you look amazing! Don't worry about the quantity of photos; they all look great! And I am loving the hair! That belt looks like some gorgeous ancient artifact you'd find in a museum. I adore your rings! And that bustier is incredible. The print is unexpected for such a sexy shape. I love it!


  5. OMG! The belt!!!!!! Amazing I like it ;)


  6. i ADORE that outfit!
    ...it's amazing how changeable the skirt is...

    and i like your earrings! :-)