Thursday, October 27, 2011

58; Patchouli

Top, jacket, skirt: thrifted • Docs: Ebay • Belt: Etsy • Ear cuff: Moon Dragon Designs (not to be confused with MRD) • Bracelet: Waloosi's Emporium • Necklaces: DIY

Woah, so many thrifted items! I bought the shirt and skirt together, but didn't anticipate that they'd go together until I got home and was trying things on.

Also, I really apologise for the excessive use of my Doc Martens. They've become my default shoe, mainly because another pair of wedges of mine began falling apart (that's for you). I kind of suck at buying new shoes; when I have the money to spare, I end up buying other clothing pieces instead. I can't help it. I'll work harder, dear blog readers, I promise.

In other (awesome) news: I ordered a Canon Rebel T2i and it should arrive on my door step tomorrow or the next day! Not that I'm dissatisfied with this camera -- in fact, this little point and shoot packs quite a punch -- but I've always dreamed of having a professional grade camera. There's so many more things I want to do with photography that I can't with this camera. I want my photography to be an art form, and I would love to have better tools on hand.

Speaking of my photography (because I hardly mean my outfit photos; those are taken by Kathryn, because she's awesome like that), feel free to browse my dinky little photography blog: Ghosts on the Horizon. I'd really appreciate it! I have tons more photos waiting to be posted.


  1. Yay! I love your posts. DON'T APOLOGIZE. I love your Docs and you wear them well. Lol wholesale-dress...That's unfortunate, though. OoOoOh exciting camera purchase! How lovely. I'm looking forward to seeing some photography!
    I adore the mauve colour of your top and it does go very nicely with the skirt! You are one of my favourite bloggers.

  2. Hi! Thanks so much for reading my blog and for your really heartfelt comment. I'm glad you understood where I was coming from in my post, cause I wasn't sure it made sense! :)

    You have a really great blog, and you're so beautiful! I'm following now!

    And never apologize for wearing Docs all the time, I do it too! haha

    So exciting about the camera, you're gonna have a blast with it! I was THRILLED when I got mine :)


  3. I noticed your comment on Casey's most recent post and you said that our legwear and bottoms section did not meet your measurements. We can make any item at your measurements at no extra cost! :)

    awesome skirt!

  4. @Quinn; One of your favourites? You must be kidding. :O Thank you so much! ♥

    @Zoë; Aww, thank you! Your post definitely made sense though; I was so glad to read it.

    Hehe, I'm still trying to figure this monster of a camera out, but it's fun!

    @Larissa; That's so awesome to hear! It's so confusing trying to buy clothes online, because I'm so short but thin, so my proportions are a little unconventional. I'll definitely indulge my need for crazy printed leggings at your wonderful store! ♥