Sunday, August 28, 2011

48; Dark Lotus Mantra (Hey look, I'm blonde!)

I swear I was in a good mood when these photos were taken! I was just really tired aftter sitting in the salon for about two and a half hours getting my hair done. (I was also annoyed at how my hair was styled, with my hair wisping out away from my head. Never liked that look.)

So my goal was platinum blonde, but of course, everything depends on 1. your base colour, and 2. the product you're using. This was the lightest I could get in one foil sitting. Not bad, I think! You might notice that there's still bits of brown throughout my hair. The girl doing my hair didn't screw up -- this was my intention. She had showed me a photo of someone who had long platinum blonde with bits of her natural colour still showing through her hair, which was what I was going for. Kathryn really likes the golden honey colour I now have, but I'm not 100% sure I love the shade of it. (Also, the colour here looks different than it is in reality, because we didn't expect the sunlight to be so harsh in these photos.) We both think I could go a little more toward platinum, so that'll happen eventually. Maybe next pay, which is in two weeks. Until then, I'll probably try to get my tattoo done.

Obviously, these photos were taken before Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene hit. It officially arrived between last night and this morning, which I got to see at five a.m. when I woke up for work. Yup, my boss still expected us to be at work today -- which was actually nice, as it was pretty dead, but the people who did come in left more in tips than usual.

And yeah, I know I wore nearly the same outfit three months ago, but this one's different: no jacket, different shoes, shades, new hair, new accesories... It's been improved! (I just really love this outfit, okay?)


  1. Awesome outfit! I love the hair change as well, it really suits you. Glad to hear you made it through Irene safely xo

  2. love ur new haircut, really suit on u!


  3. @Alice; Haha, Irene was kind of a let down if anything. I've had worse run-ins with hurricanes when I lived in Texas some years ago -- but thank you. :)

    @Everyone else; Thanks so much! Glad to know it looks okay! ♥