Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday I'm in Love -- 8/12

1. DIY spiked things

This counts, right? I just love seeing DIY creations involving stuff like this. I still have yet to add some spikes to some shorts, on that note...

2. Boot straps

Mainly because they look amazing both as boot straps, and as bracelets or chokers!
(Find it here, and an alternate here.)

3. Slouchy jackets

They looks so comfortable and stylish, and for a petite girl like me, it's more of a natural occurrence than anything!
(Find it here.)

4. This 1975 George Harrison Dark Horse t-shirt

I...don't think I can rectify this from a fashion standpoint, but a musical appreciation and the 'this is one of few remaining in the world' standpoint. It would be kind of amazing to turn into an off-the-shoulder crop top, except that it's worth at least five-hundred dollars. Eep. I can dream?


  1. Still am in love with that new banner you created for spamming VPV. ♥ You're so talented. :3

  2. great post and blog here my dear!

    <3 ur style


  3. I've literally been looking for a metallic jacket for WEEKS! Great finds, I really love your sense of style! Just what I adore.