Tuesday, August 16, 2011

44; Goody Two Shoes


Shirt: DIY (JC Penny) • Pants: Forever21 • Docs: eBay • 3D Glasses: Newbury Comics • Jewelery: Crow Ring (Moon Raven Designs); earrings: eBay; bracelet: antique; necklaces: DIY

Dig the cross-penny? Kathryn got it at work when she was dividing tips one day, and brought it home. I have no idea who does that sort of thing! It's pretty nifty, and I wonder if any exist in the world that have an Om instead of a cross... Seems like it would be difficult to do, but hey, you never know. I might have to try eBay or Etsy...

When I decided to jump onto the fashion/personal style bandwagon, I decided to revamp my closet and style to reflect the fact that I was no longer a teenager, and I wanted to start dressing a bit more maturely to show my graduation into adulthood. Somehow, I've ended up dressing like a seventeen year old who skips school and listens to the kind of rock n' roll bands her parents have heard bad things about. In fact, I typically strive to look like some punk or a neo-gypsy. I'm still not quite sure where I 'went astray', but to be honest, I don't think I ever officially set myself on a track of wearing 'mature clothing', either.

It may also be due to the fact that I never had much of a 'teenagehood'. From age fifteen to nineteen, I was schooled online at home, and we moved a couple of times (okay, a lot) during these four years, so I never had any opportunity to settle down, meet the neighbour kids, and make friends; thus 100% of my time was spent in my room on the computer, mingling with people on LiveJournal, and on ocassion did I spend time with my mother, which only happened when she was in my room using the computer, or when she dragged me out of the house to go grocery shopping. I think now that I've been living on my own (translated: without the psychological iron grip of my mother) for a year and a half now, I'm rediscovering my independence, and that I missed out on many teenaged years that could have been spent doing better things, and I think I'm subconsciously trying to make up for it. I actually like this situation, because most teens are waiting to turn eighteen and have the luxuries of being a young adult, but when they reach that point, they're 'over' their prime teen years. I have a healty mixture of both! It doesn't help my case in public when I try to insist that I'm twenty when I'm dressed otherwise and am the size of a thirteen year old, but I rarely have those conversations with strangers anyway.

Though, should I ever have to grow up, I want to grow up to be just like Adam Ant. I want to always be able to dress like some fabulous and cheeky cowboy-bandit and act like one, too.

Essentially, I dream of my life being just like this.


  1. I love your pants:)

    I love short hair but now I decided not to cut them. I think I change my mind after seeing your hair. it is so cool.