Wednesday, August 10, 2011

43; Mad Day Out (+ an exclusive 10% off coupon for Vantage Point Vintage!)

Dress: American Apparel • Vest: Forever 21 • Docs: Ebay • Jewelry: bone-carved bracelet + earrings, trinket necklace, crystal necklace, antique turquoise earcuff, antique blue sandstone bracelet

First order of business, I'd like to share with you guys a little gift courtesy of a really rad vintage store, Vantage Point Vintage. We teamed up together to offer you a chance to save 10% on their merchandise! Just use my special code ontheganges when you go to check out. You'll also find a banner for their store in my sidebar that has the code and links back to their site, in case you decide to buy from them later. (Though my advice would to buy asap -- their stuff sells out pretty easily!) I'll even understand if you completely blow off the rest of this post to go shopping there, I promise. ♥ I will be doing a shop spotlight post for this store in the coming days, so keep an eye out for that!

Gah, you can see my green socks in some of the shots -- how embarrasing! I meant for them to be hidden; the leather material of these Docs rub and press into the backs of my ankles and I made the mistake of walking to work in these the day they arrived while wearing below-the-ankle socks. These were the only long socks I could find.

So, Kathryn and I went into Cambridge (in the Boston area) yesterday for some exploration. Our friend Molly works at the Harvard Museum of Natural History, which is what inspired us to go initially. We had tons of Starbucks, I found a really adorable asian-stuff shop (and bought a few cute knick knacks that I forgot to photograph...), shopped at the Harvard Book Store (yeah, that's the name!) where I bought a German language course and a used book on graphic design. After visiting the museum, we went into a small mall called the Garage, and I spent the rest of my cash on a pair of sunglasses (that will be in my next outfit post) and a bracelet.

The museum was so amazing, and we actually ended up missing a few exhibits. It's so massive and there are so many animal specimins that I honestly can't begin to explain everything that we saw, so instead I'll perform another small photo dump and leave you this link to the museum floor plan to give you an idea of what we saw (everything left to the entrance/museum shop). The day ended with meeting up with Molly after she left work and we three took the train home, where she gave tons of commentary and stories on nearly every photo I'd taken. I love hanging out with her!

 From the downstairs section of used books at the Harvard Book Store, most surfaces are covered in random cut-outs, and in the foreign language section, they had a large array of miniature cut outs of vintage homosexual erotica book covers. So strange!

 If anyone can translate, leave me a comment? ♥

 The beginning of the museum photos -- it's one of the few dodo bird specimins left in existence.

 In one exhibit, there are three giant whale skeletons that loom over you from the ceiling. It's so daunting, but amazing!


  1. I love your outfit to bits! this is something I'd def. wanna wear! I just started following your blog btw. xoxo

    The Niknok Style

  2. I really like your face in this photo shoot! I guess it's some combination of the lighting and make-up, since your hair is always rad.

    Natural history museums are the best. You should have gone into the rock/mineral room too though. Some are kind of lame with "This is quartz" type exhibits, while others put as much effort into the mineral as they do dinosaurs. The latter are great for learning random tidbits about things like solar panels and silver ore :D

  3. Dominique; Thank you! ♥

    Eli; :D I actually wear minimal makeup, though I did use some eyeshadow and lipstick with this outfit.

    You have no idea how bummed I was when I realised we missed that exhibit. I used to collect rocks and gem stones as a kid and loved learning about their origins! I may go back just to spend a few hours taking a bazillion photos of the mineral exhibit.