Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Toxic Vision (aka the most amazing pieces you will ever lay eyes on)

I am speechless...just speechless. I would drop seven-hundred dollars on that first jacket without a second thought, if I had that much cash on me.

It really doesn't help me knowing I have enough money sitting in a converted 2 liter soda bottle for half of these items, even if said money is my tattoo fund.


  1. Ugh seeing all these fun posts by you makes me want to start up a fashion blog myself ;_____; *debatedebate*

    But those look like awesome fun pieces. You know how much I love loud things ♥

  2. Whoa, my alter ego loves this! It's like everything I ever denied myself in clothing form - the third down impressed me the most, wtf armour plated pants! More than anything I just wish I'd done the photoshoot, and perhaps come away with those striped pants. No idea how I'd wear them, but that shit is secondary! :))

  3. Memai; YOU SHOULD SERIOUSLY DO THAT. I need more buddies in the fashion blogging world, and Kathryn's not much interested. :<

    Haha, especially if it's something closer to the glam rock end of the spectrum. ♥

    Louise; Gah, I am way too in love with the lace and fringe pants! I would give anything just to wear them around town doing painfully normal things -- grocery shopping, laundromat, going into work to pick up my paycheck...

    I can see you wearing the stripe pants! And hey, you never know what you can really wear something with until you take it home... ;)

  4. Oh honey you know how much I like rockin' it Freddie style ;D

    I should ;___; Might ask Fizz to help me out, he's always in need of some little photography projects ♥