Saturday, August 20, 2011

45; Five Month Blog-iversary!

Shirt: • Shorts: Crystallized Vintage (eBay) • Docs: eBay • Belt: Etsy • Jewelery: Bone carved bracelet (flea market stand), crystal necklace (antique), mother of pearl necklace (boutique), trinket necklace (DIY), arrowhead earcuff (eBay)

Not sure what compelled me to, but I submitted this outfit to the Lookbook x Volcom contest. Feel free to hype it if you think I should win; apparently, it helps the judges' consideration.

Five months since I made my first post here! Yeah, not all that exciting. I actually wish I had a giveaway planned or something. I wanted to have one planned out for when I gained 100 fans on Lookbook, which I reached...21 fans ago. I've just been so caught up in the stretches of time where I don't have to work (it's usually been five days in a row), so I've been getting very little done. Maybe I'll have a giveaway all sorted out in the near future? I'll try!

Not much else to note... I got my top from Vantage Point and can't wait to show it to you guys! It may or may not be the next outfit I post though, as I have photos of another outfit waiting in the wings -- I should admit, sometimes I sort of 'stock pile' outfits and spread them out a bit, in terms of posting them. I kind of started doing it after I kind of stopped posting outfits back in around April or May for a few weeks and felt terrible about my neglect to this blog. Don't want to go idle on you few readers that I have. ♥

What was I originally talking about? Oh right, my VPV top -- I'm actually surprised I don't have outfit pictures of it yet, since I've worn it so much since it arrived in the mail. I'll be doing photos tomorrow for sure, and I'll even add in some planking photos that Kathryn and I took yesterday. It's such a hilarious pastime!


  1. I love totally again , shorts are amazing , and this " grunge-vintage " style is so chic on yourself ! Always fan ! your usual fashion follower blogger. XOXO

  2. Love this, as always Kat! - the details!!!!! Enjoy your bloggiversary - a good excuse for breaking out the champagne if you ask me;)

  3. Love the style of your looks ! Great blog !

  4. Tanya; thanks so much! I appreciate it. ♥

    Louise; haha, I'm still six months shy of legality, but it's a great excuse to buy some Godiva chocolate of something!

    Kitschmoog; thank you. :)