Saturday, August 27, 2011

47; Let's Get Out Of This Country

 Dress: thrifted • Vest: Forever21 (Heritage 1981) • Wedges: Maurices • Jewelery: trinket necklace (DIY), crystal necklace (antique), mother of pearl necklace (botique), bone carved bracelet (antique), sea shell bracelet (antique) 

Kinda laid-back this time, huh? Bought this dress very recently, on my latest visit to the thrift store. I bought it with the intention to cut the skirt shorter, but it is awfully pretty on it's own! Bit big in the chest, as you can see my bra through the arm holes, but that's what the vest was originally for...until Kathryn was taking photos and I realised the vest was completely hiding my figure, which bugged me, and I ditched it. I wish I'd had a nice, wide belt to wear at the small of my waist, but I'll get one eventually. This dress is extremely comfortable, too. As soon as we got home, I didn't even change out of it for a while.

So, this will be the last outfit post where I am sporting my natural dark brown hair! I got my hair lightened yesterday afternoon to blonde. I was going for more of a platinum shade, but with how dark my hair is to begin with, I was almost expecting it to be darker than it is now. (More like, I was worried.) After a few weeks, I might go back and have another foil session. Everyone seems to like it as-is though.

Also, during the shoot for this photo, Kathryn wanted to do some 'visual effects' and we came up with this:

Because we can.

Oh! I completely forgot to share the planking photos Kathryn and I took some time ago. I'd post them, but I actually can't seem to locate them on my computer at the moment. Maybe I'll post them along with some other photos from another outfit that I forgot to add in... Y'know, if anyone's interested.

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