Monday, August 15, 2011

Shop Spotlight: Vantage Point Vintage

I found Vantage Point Vintage originally during my 'witch chic' kick (still ongoing, on most days), while trying to find a mod-style black mini dress a la the Black Belles. With practically every other kind of clothing item I searched for afterward, I ended up coming across their website or eBay page. (Quite a small world, since they found my blog on their own!) Eventually, I developed a system when I had something in mind to look for, I'd check a few specific stores before anything else, and VPV was, and still is, one of those online stores.

Their pieces are eclectic, stylish, and are in beautiful quality. Their prices are pretty reasonable considering their worth, and even if nothing in the vintage department catches your eye, you'll be hard pressed not to fall in love with their Unlike Any Other collection of designer vintage DIY denim shorts. (They even have a men's section, too. Not many vintage shops do!) You know what my favourite part is? They're offering free shipping -- and there's no minimal purchase price. How awesome is that?

Just a few highlights of their current selection of clothing are 80's Floral Romper, 80's Palazzo Floral Trousers, 80's Lenay Tunic, 70's Pin-Stripe Secretary Dress, 80's Sheer Floral Top, and 1996 Daytona Beach Bike Week Tank, all for less than $40 bucks! These are the kinds of vintage pieces we all search for: versatile staple pieces that go with just about everything we already own, yet manage to stand out as well.

Vantage Point Vintage is based in Florida and was founded in 2008 by cutest-couple-ever Jenny and Josh, who have made over two-thousand transactions on eBay alone. I asked Jenny a few questions about VPV's origins and running it with her husband.

How did you and your husband become interested in vintage fashion, and where did you get the idea to run your own shop? 

-- We both love reducing, reusing, and recycling and what girl doesn't love fashion? Josh also really loves vintage t-shirts. If we source any, they may be more likely to wind up in his closest. While still working in the not for profit sector, we founded VPV in 2008 as a hobby to find amazing one of a kind vintage pieces and bring them to our friends around the world. It's just evolved to where we are today.

What is your favourite part about owning VPV? (And what's your husband's favourite?) 

-- Working in my pajamas! There are a lot of challenges in owing your own business but working in my pjs, with my dog snoozing nearby is definitely a perk! I'll let Josh answer that... Josh said, "I love to work with my wife and it's great to be a part of something that can make a difference in your community and who knows maybe one day in the world. It doesn't hurt to dream."

Do you have a favourite piece of clothing that you are selling, or have sold before?

-- Honestly, we've sold so many great items over the past three years and it's really hard to pick a favorite. Honestly, I'm a sucker for vintage band t-shirts and we have a great one from the 1977 Led Zeppelin tour. I could link to 100 others but that would make for a really long email. :-)

In case you missed my last outfit post (or the banner in my sidebar), VPV and I have teamed up to give you a discount on your purchase when you shop on their site! During checkout, use my coupon code ontheganges and you'll save 10% on your order, so go check out their site (if you haven't already) and see what you like!

Also, If you purchase anything from VPV, I'd love to see an email in my inbox of your look featuring the item you bought. You may be featured right here on this blog. ♥ You'll definitely be seeing me in something from VPV soon; I was the lucky girl to claim their oversized southwestern-printed shirt!


  1. Good find! As if I don't have enough stores to look at...this is great!
    And love your shredded sleeve shirt in your last post. :-)
    strawberry freckleface

  2. I can barely keep track of all of my favourite stores, myself!

    Thanks so much! I kind of can't stop wearing it, it's awfully comfy and leightweight. :)