Sunday, May 1, 2011

19; Debating a new blog name.

When I signed up on this website, I really only did it to follow a couple of blogs on this website. (Hence my generic username in my blog url and the weird title I gave my 'blog'.) Now that I'm actually blogging somewhat, this thing needs a subject-appropriate title... (Because when the only connection to fashion my blog's title has is probably to the French actor Gaspard Ulliel, and that's reaching, then I need to change some things.)

I wanted a play on words, like "Fashioned by _______", but there's a reason why that bit's still blank. Plus, I don't feel like I've developed my own style or a direction for this blog to go toward, so what am I fashioned by? I really have no freaking idea -- and then what I think of needs to be open as a url name too. Sigh.

If all else fails, I'll probably dig up the lyrics to Gaga's "Fashion" and lift inspire something from there. I don't know.

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