Saturday, May 28, 2011

24; Americano

Top (mini-dress): Crystallized Vintage | Skirt: | Belt: Delias | Necklace: F21 | Boots: Etsy Vintage | Arrowhead ear cuff: Ebay | Motorcycle: not ours

I worked a pretty crazy shift on Thursday, and my reward was dinner with my fiancée at our favourite healthy-food-obsessed café. We got the usual, and it's looking like the cooks there (who double as waiters and hostesses) are always going to recognise us. And no, I don't typically wear this to work -- I'm forced to wear a uniform. I'm just crafty and wanted to bring a change of clothes for our date. Lame? Ohh yeah.

I'd been so anxious to wear this snakeskin-print mini dress (that I bought from the lovely DisarmingDarling on her ebay store Crystallized Vintage)...even though I'm wearing it like a top in this outfit. It just looks a little too 'going out clubbing' for me to wear casually, though I hope (and somewhat expect) to wear it in June to the next gay pride celebration in Boston. I'd be quite happy if I could get away with that.

Yesterday we went to the mall and saw a movie, and hopefully that outfit post will be up sometime soon. I'm just so busy lately plus our internet constantly dies on us as of late. It's pretty much a daily thing, which definitely hinders my ability to post. This might explain the lack of activity from me here...I apologise!