Tuesday, May 3, 2011

20; A feature, my dilemma with wet look pants, and Water for Elephants.

Yesterday, we had no internet...which made Kathryn's and my decision to head out for the day and hit the mall and see a movie much more fitting. Thus, I didn't see until today that Watermoolen on Chictopia had left me a comment informing me that I was featured in an article of hers, "5 Best Short Hair Styles for Short Haired Girls." Apparently, I am sporting the 'shag' hairstyle group. Now I know what to call this weird thing on my head, aside from 'Arthur.' (No one's going to get that movie referrence...and that's okay.) Still, what an honour! I like this whole net-recognition thing.

As I was saying about the mall thing... I purchased some pretty nifty things from Forever 21 yesterday that I plan on wearing as soon as possible. I'd been wanting some black wet look pants but knew I couldn't run the risk of buying some online without trying them on first, so it must have been fate that brought me to the pair I discovered on the clearance rack yesterday. They were originally $22, went on sale for $10.99, and were missing a button, so the price had been lowered even still to $6.99! (Imagine my face when I noticed on the price tag later that a replacement button was still in tact. Score!) Also bought a necklace and some rings on sale.

Unforunately...I have no idea what's fashionable to wear with wet look pants. Checking out Lookbook, it seems you can wear just about anything, so long as you can pull it off well, but for some reason, I'm still feeling disheartened by my options. Other people make these things look awesome:

(Images link back to their proper sources.)

...And yet, I'm still not feeling too confident. Even Madeline can rock these with a t-shirt or a tunic. I kind of want to wear mine with a comfy sweater, but all I have is this one and an off-the-shoulder type, but they're both white, which I worry looks too striking. I have a tunic top that's a muted mossy green, though... And my Insight Chakra tank, but I hemmed up the straps so it's a little shorter now. This is my other worry: I don't want to wear anything above the butt in case it looks too skin-tight, or I have panty lines going on. And yet, I'm short, so wearing long tops makes me look even shorter... Gah, suggestions?

By the way, the film we saw was Water For Elephants. Pattinson was forgettable, Witherspoon was okay, and Christoph Waltz, the only reason we both decided to see the film, was amazing, as expected. Perhaps too amazing, considering I despised his antagonistic character as soon as the animal abuse started up (oh yeah, if that's a sensitive subject for you, I'd skip this film; I cried twice), and he managed to make me feel super uncomfortable at points. Only he can make someone hate a character so much. I was pretty torn between loving the actor and hating his character. I recommend it, especially if you're unfamilliar with the Austrian actor's work (considering he only became popular two years ago in Inglourious Basterds) but also because it is a pretty good story. /offtopic


  1. Also recommending Water For Elephants! As someone who can rarely sit through movies, I found it enjoyable to watch. xD; However yes, the animal abuse is...terrible. But Waltz's acting really makes the storylines more interesting, considering he plays the antagonist.

    I think something mossy green'd go well with black, but I can't think of what top you're talking about, unless it's the one with the heavy lace on the neck that comes down very low...

    GOD that's quite the pic spam. @__@

  2. I'm a great fan of shiny leggings. I'll come soon too on chictopia when my shooting for fashion outfits will be ready.
    So, You are very stylish on your blog !

  3. I just discovered your blog moments ago, and I love you already because you made 'A Hard Days Night' reference. I should probably also mention you have wonderful style.