Wednesday, May 18, 2011

22; Liverpool, 1961

Top: thrifted | Jacket: Target | Skirt: | Belt: Etsy | Bag: vintage

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My new haircut. It's...significantly shorter in the front than what we were going for (Kathryn cut it for me) but it was nine at night (what we were thinking, I'm not quite sure) and the sides ended up being uneven and became this short. It's not bad, and the sides look pretty nice. I've never had my hair this short, and my hair was pretty long twenty four hours ago, so I'm still adjusting to the length. I had other pictures of the sides, which is where this hairstyle is at, but I look so damn tired in them that it's not worth posting them. Even being so exhausted, I have an inability to sleep in past eight-thirty in the morning. I have no idea why. I also hold an inability to fall asleep before ten. Yeah, I don't know either. But I digress: I can't wait for it to grow in a little bit, though!

So yeah, this outfit was composed in about thirty seconds before I ran out the door to meet up with Kathryn and walk her home from work. On my way through the house, I passed by a (mostly) full length mirror and felt like I was rushing out the door to catch the Beatles in the Cavern Club. It was only emphasised by the weather outside: cloudy, cold, with moist breezes due to the heavy afternoon fog. It was so much like England weather, and I felt like some rock n' roll teenager in the late fifties-early sixties, sneaking out of the house to meet up with friends from school to loiter around and hit a pub to listen to the newest 45s in the jukebox. Maybe I was having some transcendental moment with a past lifetime or something.

In other (great) news, my trusty old Kodak Easyshare C875 will soon be laid to rest. I'd been saving up all of my tip money from work, plus collecting money that Kathryn's been donating, and leftover cash from various outings, to buy a new point and shoot. I'd love a DSLR, but I can't expect to save up enough money to buy one anytime soon. It's just not a realistic enough expectation. I'd have to be working Kathryn's shifts (six in the morning 'til about noon, or two in the afternoon) as often as I'm working now (five to six days a week) in order to afford one. Not happening. Ever.

Still, I love the camera I picked out, the Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS. I'm hoping it's as reliable as it looks, and I hope it delivers. I plan to take mostly outdoor photography (for plants and outfits) which is the best setting for pictures to be taken in, so I'm not seeing any potential issues. I placed the order with Amazon just a few hours ago, and it should arrive next week!

...Oh my god, I won't have to buy batteries anymore, and the camera will retain battery life for longer than a whole five minutes. (This is not an exaggeration.) ;____; I'm not sure if I'm ready for this much awesomeness.


  1. Ah!so chic da jacket.goes wel wth ur skirt..u do the grunge look perfectly:-)