Monday, May 30, 2011

26; Handle With Care

Top: • Shorts: thrifted DIY • Belt and boots: Etsy vintage • Jewelery: F21, antique, and eBay
(Also, gauges are fake! I'm such a wuss.)


I kind of enjoy how much I feel that I look like I belong in a vinyl-spread with the Travling Wilburys. (If you found this blog through the pages for this look on LB or Chic, you probably have already seen this point being made.) If you're unfamiliar with the Wilburys, all you need to know is that they're probably the coolest 80s band ever to exist, featuring the coolest Beatle. (George.)

As I mentioned in post 24, Kathryn and I headed out to the mall to see a film and shop around. (This is what I wore on the occasion.) We saw Pirates of the Carribbean 4, which was...okay. I was glad Barbossa had a bigger role, and enjoyed the bromance between him and Sparrow. (Geoffrey Rush is such an amazing actor, and I like any excuse to see more of his work.) That's about it.

My haul included the necklace you see here, a new denim vest (with a removable hood, which looks cute, but when I take it off, the button attachments are really obvious and look awkward, and I'm contemplating just snipping the buttons off) and my first ever bandeau -- which unfortunately is a little too big, and feels awfully 'small' on me, width-wise. I'd tried one on but didn't like the pattern, so I grabbed an entirely different one instead but never tried it on. Not sure if I want to wear it as a top now, but I suppose I might, if I can take it in and make it fit better. To rectify this disappointment, I found a bandeau resembling the kind I'd seen on a manequin in Forever 21 that I wanted (black, and quite wide) that they no longer had, and ordered it yesterday. Hopefully that will fit. I would love to wear it with the vest I bought and perhaps my black high-waisted pants that I'm going to definitely be turning into shorts soon, or perhaps under my open knit sweater.

The highlight of my day was when Kathryn and I were heading out of the exit to catch our ride home: there was a group of girls standing outside near the entrance, and as we walked by them, I overheard through their combined chatter someone exclaim, "you're so pretty!" Would you believe that she was talking to me? Yeah, me either, but it's true.

I was extremely flattered and thanked her, but I then became overly aware of the group of probably five or six girls just all staring directly at me, and I began to feel a little embarrassed. I hate being put on the spot, you see. I thanked her again and awkwardly rushed back over to Kathryn, and we hopped in her mother's car. Once I got over my stage fright, I was quite happy to hear that compliment. I think more people should speak out when they think someone is deserving of a compliment -- not with the intention to hit on them (necessarily) but wouldn't it eliminate a lot of self-esteem issues if we said things like that once in a while? I think so, at least.

Onto more interesting things, the kitty you see here with me is our outdoor cat Gypsy. I don't really know how old she is, because she's been with Kathryn's family for quite a long time...I believe six years, and they found her as a kitten. As soon as we stepped onto the porch to take pictures, Gypsy showed up and kept harrassing us for attention. For an outdoor cat, she really loves affection. She's very sweet, and I often wish she was allowed to be inside. (There's an indoor cat who has a history of being bad-tempered around other cats.) She's so much fun to hang out with.

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