Thursday, May 26, 2011

23; Intermission (Where I pretend I'm a decent photographer)

I sort of had an impromptu outfit shoot a couple of days ago, with this pretty rad biker-y ensamble that I liked when I went out the door that day... Unfortunately, this was the only shot where I didn't look drained, awkward, or uncomfortable. My stances were weird, my smiles were ugly and forced... It just didn't work. Might have another shoot later on today though, if Kathryn was serious about going out for dinner after I get off of work this evening.

However, the new camera arrived! I'm still learning how to use it, but I've been taking pictures of everything to make use of the upgrade from a whole 8 megapixels to an astounding 12.1 megapixels! (There may be a tiny bit of sarcasm there.)

(This guy is a whole two and a half inches tall.)

I read by reviewers on Amazon that one should avoid Auto mode for great photos, but while in Program under Macro, a lot of my flower shots were unfocused. When I switched to Auto, it then went into Macro when I went up near a flower for a picture, and it came out great... (I know, flower-overload here all of a sudden, on my personal style blog of all things. Isn't it relevant if I'm testing out the camera that I will be using to take photos of my outfits, though? Besides, if I could instead hit a flea market and test my camera there, I'd leave work to run out the door and do so.)

A new outfit post will be coming soon; if not tonight, I'll definitely be making one for tomorrow.