Thursday, April 28, 2011

18; Will you afford me a small ego boost?

So, I didn't make it to 'the top fifty' for the Maurices Main Street Model search... However, it was pretty awesome to see my most recent look up on the front page for Chictopia:

(Left-most under 'Street Style Photo Blogs'.) It seems to me that this is because it was the most recent under the Style Gallery (since the two other photos preceeded mine in entering the Style Gallery) but at the same time, four more photos have been added to the Style Gallery since. Is the site just slow at updating? Eh, I don't care. Being on the front page of a website just feels good, damn it. ♥

This also means I may or may not have been on the front page before, since I discovered just this evening that my secondmost recent look on Chictopia made it into the style gallery, so it's possible that this has happened before and I just didn't notice.

I'm beginning to like Chictopia over Lookbook lately. Lookbook seems over-crowded and it's hard to get exposure there. I used to hang out in the forums a lot but the only lengthy discussions that happen there were people arguing. Otherwise, people there don't seem to want to invest a lot of thought into the discussions. At Chictopia, there's enough people there for users to get a lot of exposure if they deserve it, but not so many people that the site is overflowing with looks. It seems like Lookbook gets backed up with too many looks and drowns out some great posts. It's kind of disappointing. Unfortunately, Chictopia's forums are pretty slow moving...

Gah, where the heck did that ramble come from?

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  1. You are so cute !(you and your fiancee)Do you know I have a translater toolbar on the right of my blog ( approximative english of course )...
    I love to know fashion and artist friends on great blogs like yours ! You are very beautiful !