Sunday, May 29, 2011

25; Heavy Metal

Photos from Tumblr, excluding two that link back to their respective pages on Lookbook

As a teenager, I slipped into that subculture of kids that liked leather jackets and wanted to put studs on their converse and wear spiked collars. I later grew out of that group because I became bored of the music, the attitude, and the general condition involved in the 'punk' spectrum. It was no longer 'cool' for me.

Lately, I've grown fascinated with how the elements of studs and spikes are utilised in fashion, and remember just what was so appealing about them. I am along the same wavelength of Lady Gaga talking about wearing various wigs because she wants to be 'more than one person'; that's where my interest in clothes stems from. I have so many faces and so many facets, and when I'm feeling feminine and pretty, I don't want to represent myself with baggy jeans and a bland tee. If I'm feeling edgy and dark, I can't put on a flower-print dress. When I thought I'd grown out of metal embellishments and dark leather jackets, I discovered that part of my past still holds on to me. It's impossible to fully shed a part of you that was cruicial to how you matured.

I spent all of my triangle studs on a vest that I'm still having difficulties wearing with other clothes, but I bought some spikes some time ago with the thought that I may apply them to my faded-grey faux-leather jacket. I'm still on the fence of doing this, though; they're screw-back, so I'd have to cut holes in my jacket to secure the spikes, and what if I decide I want to wear the jacket without them? But then I saw that latter photo above and thought that spiked shorts would be extremely amazing, and that I may have to go down that route instead. I only have twelve however, and I don't know what shorts I'd want to apply them to, so I'm not sure how I'll go about that. (I could try to buy more spikes from the same seller I got the ones I have on-hand from, who is on eBay. Wouldn't be too hard, perhaps...)

And with my hair so short, I'd probably look a lot less silly in my attempts to wear clothes such as these. (This is an honest thought in my mind. I'm such a silly looking person when I have long hair.)

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  1. You're welcome for styling your hair. ;) -shot-

    I understand wanting to dress according to how you feel. ♥ It frustrates me that my clothes can't do that. xD