Sunday, April 3, 2011

o9; An aimless rambling or two...

Hope no one minds that this is about to become a more personal blog for this post, due to a lack of interesting things to talk about. (Not that many people read, but I can pretend I'm catering to an audience, right?)

First, I joined Chictopia. Ogad.

Did some reconstructive work with the dress I bought from Disarming Darling. Hemmed up the straps and the skirt, and it fits a lot better now. I'm thinking of taking in the sides at the bust, as they sag a bit on me, but at this point in the year I'd be crazy to wear the dress without an extra layer or two of clothes, so it's no big deal at the moment. I want to head out to the woods to do a shoot, but I don't know if I'm feeling it today. I would rather hike downtown with a buddy and do a shoot there, but Kathryn works until three and will be tired and want to shower...which is totally understandable, considering she works at a Dunkin' Donuts. (She's gone in on her off days to pop into the back of the store for a minute, and has come back out smelling strongly of coffee and donuts. The scent is scary potent back there.)

We both have tomorrow off, but I feel weird asking people to take pictures of me. I don't know what it is, I just feel silly. Maybe it's because I have a certain 'vision' of how I want the photos to look and I need to constantly fuss with my camera, take test shots of where I'm going to stand to get the best lighting, and take a crapton of photos... I feel uncomfortable asking someone else to go through all that work, especially when I'm not sure if they're as into the whole process and end result as I am. I could ask Kathryn's sister if borrowing her tripod would be all right, but then I'd look kinda dumb standing in the middle of a sidewalk downtown setting up a tripod and then running in front of it to strike a pose, and doing this twenty times over the course of thirty minutes. Having someone else to do it makes it look more 'normal' somehow, like 'two kids just messing around, having fun'... It's a very vicious cycle, especially since my camera insists that it can't see a thing unless I'm outside. So I'm at a loss.

I'm very over-aware of myself, aren't I? Oy.

--Oh, speaking of Disarming Darling, I'm bidding on another dress she has listed. (Snakeskin-print velvet mini-dress!) I'm stupidly excited, and I'm fairly confident that this one will fit me like a glove. (Or...I hope so. Actually, the waist size for it is like, an inch smaller than my actual waist. Looks like I'm going to be doing bicycle crunches every day to make sure it fits if I do end up winning it.) And being a mini-dress, I could always wear a long skirt over it, which would look pretty awesome. Listing ends in five days; cross your fingers?

Onward to more interesting things, that denim shirt I wore in my last look? I cut off the sleeves. I keep seeing denim vests and decided I needed one. I also got my pyramid studs yesterday in the mail. They're a little smaller than I was hoping for, but they're still studs, so they'll still work. (I was going to use them on a leather jacket, but being so small, they'll be harder to stick on, so I'll just use the excess to stud some pants or something.) I also think I'm going to stitch a patch onto it as well. I have a peace sign one that I've had for a couple of years that I think will go nicely. Then I will utilise Madeline's shredding tutorial she posted to youtube, because my attempt failed last week and I want my revenge.

I also have rediscovered my Elvis Presley replica army jacket that I bought at Graceland a year and a half ago. (It looks vaguely like this, but shorter and with different patches on the sleeves. Even though I can find the website for the guy who designed the jacket, I can't find pictures of it ANYWHERE.) I've been washing it over and over again in every laundry load we do to help break it in, but the material is so...stiff. I'm trying to think of other ways to make it more comfortable to wear. I might have to google something or maybe tie it to the back of the car and drive around. I feels bulky and yet doesn't look quite so. It's very bizarre. I want to be able to wear it comfortably, so I'll be working on that as well.

Ugh, boring post is boring. This is what work does to a girl. I need to take a walk. Maybe I'll run into someone downtown and pay them to take pictures for me. -shot-

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