Friday, April 15, 2011

14; This is where I become a total geek.

I had been shopping on Lulu*s daydreaming as if I had enough money for anything on their site (well, I guess I kind of do, but I really have trouble lately with finding anything I like immediately) and stumbled upon this amazing tank top:

Insight's "Chakra" tank -- not pictured: chakras, interestingly enough, but it's showing what appears to be some awesome depiciton of what I initially gathered was a woman ascending into nirvana or something to that effect, which still won points with me. I can dig that. Plus the artwork's pretty awesome and I love the colours.'s $45.00. I can't dig that.

So, I threw it into my Amazon wishlist, knowing no one would look (probably because I haven't linked it anywhere in a while) and I might not ever spend that much money (god know's how much the grand total would be with shipping).

The next morning I'm scrolling through my Amazon wishlist to check up on how much the camera I'm planning to buy is when I see this tank, and Kathryn's home, so I decide to show it to her. With her behind me on the bed, she asks me to pull up the close-up image of the tank, and proceeds to ask me, "what god is that?"

I blink. I hadn't really thought to ask myself that question when I looked at it the day before. I look back at the image, trying to overlook what looks to me to be a woman, for some clues. Maybe it's Lakshmi or something, y'know? Lets see, seven-headed snake, a conch shell in the right hand, oh look, a symbolic chakra (discus) in the left...

...Oh wait, it's Vishnu. Well, hell yeah! Suddenly, $45.00 is a price I'm willing to pay  for this tank; why? I seriously, really love Vishnu. Out of all the gods, even out of the the Creator (Brahma), the Preserver (Vishnu), and the Destroyer (Shiva), Vishnu's my favourite. I love the stories about him and his kindness towards humanity and the creatures that they share the earth with. He's this overall nice guy who protects everyone and is basically the most compassionate dude around. And yet, he isn't above having to actually fight if need be. (As seen in his incarnation, Rama, who's totally badass.)

I just really like this certain god. (I may even have a couple of more personal reasons for liking him.) Though, my second favourite is Ganesha, because he and his story are just so adorable...once you get past Shiva having decapitated him as a kid (mostly by mistake) and then having to find him a replacement head, which explains why he's depicted with an elephant head. Otherwise, he's kind of like "the ICanHasCheezburger? of Hinduism." (In Kathryn's words.)

But I digress. This tank top and I were fated  to be mated, and guess where I found it for $37.50? I worry a small won't fit, though (going off of Lulu*s measurement of a small) and yet, this site offers an extra small...but why doesn't Lulu*s? Did they sell out, or not order extra smalls? Well, whatever. I'll place the order next week for an extra small and hope it all works out.

Now, if I can find an online coupon for free shipping, or something...

EDIT: well, a size 2 (small) sold out on Lulu*s. Now I'm worried it'll sell out on the other site before next week. Geesh...I do have enough money for it, I'd just rather not spend that much at the moment. We'll see what I decide.

EDIT 2: okay, I ordered it...only because I have this bad luck about waiting to buy something and going back to find it's gone.

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