Tuesday, April 26, 2011

16; Can it be -- an outfit post?!

Sweater: thrifted | Jeans: thrifted/DIY | Belt: Etsy | Shoes: Maurices | Bag: antique store | Jewlery: everywhere

Well, isn't this something I haven't done in a while? It's been so cold, though, and I don't have any 'fashionable' winter clothing. Since October I've been muddling about in the same few pairs of jeans and piling sweaters, baggy sweatshirts, and blankets on until I've made myself a fluffy coccoon -- which isn't something anyone wants to see.

It was surprisingly warm today, and I wasn't really expecting it. (Despite my choice to wear this.) Or, well...I sort of was. See, yesterday Weather.com said it would be 74 degrees on Tuesday. I was ecstatic. I checked again this morning, and it said the high was to be 62 (and cloudy). When I went out at noon to walk Kathryn home from work, it was ten degrees colder than that, and it felt pretty chilly. However, I knew it wasn't the warmest part of the day, and at three this afternoon the sun had finally come out to play. About an hour later, we decided to hit Dunkin' Donuts for some coffee, and it was so warm! I was so happy; I missed feeling so warm while walking around outside.

My point is, had I known it would have been so warm, I probably would have worn my pretty velvet kimono instead -- if I was able to decide what top to wear with it. I've had this dilemma for some days now. I like to plan outfits out when I buy a certain piece, but this kimono's had me stumped. I think I know what to wear with it, though...'I think' being the operative term. Tomorrow should be in the seventies though, so maybe I'll be able to harrass Kathryn into another walk downtown and if so, maybe I'll wear the kimono then. ♥

But before Kathryn and I trekked downtown today, we ordered Chinese food!

It kind of turned out like a picnic in bed, even though I was the only one on the bed. I'd made room for Kathryn's sister, but she decided to sit on the floor next to Kathryn, who was in the desk chair. Jasmine kept harrassing us and sticking her face in the container of scallion pancakes. We had vegetable tempura, vegetable chop suey, vegetable fried rice, and the former pancakes that I mentioned. Oh -- and a side of white rice. Can you tell that we're all vegetarians yet?

I ADORE VEGETABLE TEMPURA RIGHT NOW. As well as scallion pancakes, so long as they come with that pink-orange sweet sauce that you see in the bottom left hand corner. I want to eat that every day. ♥

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