Friday, April 22, 2011

15; Oh man.

Friendly reminder: voting for the Maurices Main Street Model ends on Sunday~

I have been so terrible at blogging lately, haven't I? I've kind of been terrible at just being on the internet in general in the past week or so. I'm switching jobs at the moment, and don't feel really great at my current one, and I've only had one day of floor training at my new one, so I'm feeling anxious about that one too. It's also suddenly gone cold here again, meaning all of the lovely warm weather clothes I've accumulated have to stay in the closet while I sit and shiver in ugly thermal shirts under lumpy sweatshirts that make me feel like a hobo. This is pretty darn cold for April, even in New England. I'm not happy.

However, I am happy about the warm weather clothing I mentioned earlier. While it's a complete letdown that I can't even go near it for possibly another two or three weeks (come on, unexpected heat wave... ;___; ), I still have some really amazing newbies to my closet.

Firstly, I bought this from DisarmingDarling:

...Which I'll admit, I was a little nervous about it's length, as a dress. I've never worn something that short before in my life. However, I tried it on when it arrived and was embarrased to discover that the hem comes about an inch or two above my knees. :| I'm such a freaking drawf. At least this means I don't have to worry about looking incredibly indecent around Kathryn's parents...
(Fun fact: this dress came with the original tag, where it was valued at $158.00 back when it was new. This is officially the most expensive thing I own.)

Then, I won this velvet kimono in Madeline's ShockBotique giveaway:

I'm still kind of in denial that I won it, despite the fact that I laid in bed with it clutched to my chest when it arrived on Wednesday. I'm also shocked that it fit me. I suppose Madeline and I are roughly the same size, because every time I buy something, I look at the model wearing it and think, "okay, so imagine they're wearing that but two sizes larger...and that's what it'll look like on me." I tried it on, expecting the tassels to drag on the floor by like, two inches, and be subjected to Jasmine's terror, but it didn't! It's like a dream come true. ♥

(...How obnoxious would it look if I wore that dress and this kimono together? Too much velvet? Too much brown?)

I also got my Maurices wedges...and then I bought this tank top, as you know. Which, looking at the shorts the model is wearing, I'm really digging the black pleather with it. But me, in leather shorts? No. Some people can pull it off, but I'd feel weird. I have seen Madeline wear black wet look pants (...I make a lot of references to her, don't I? Is that bad?) and make them look really awesome, though. It makes me wonder if I can pull them off. (Or, more appropriately, put them on. *shot* I'm terrible, I know.)

Still, that's a pretty edgy piece of clothing for my kind of personality. I'd also have to justify the purchase with, "what else can I wear this with?" Then there's shopping for them...I can buy them online (if I can find an affordable pair) but then I can't try them on. It's all very confusing. I'll have to do a lot of researching and thinking about it. Still, I can't get the mental picture of that tank top with those wet look pants out of my head, and I love it so much.

I ordered an extra small, and I'm hoping what arrives will be an extra small. With the length of that tank, I'm worried it'll be too long to wear shorts with. Normally I'd think, "just tuck the shirt in then," but I worry that looks dumb when I do it. I do have some shorts that might go with the top (some black-faded-to-the-point-of-charcoal-grey cut offs) so hopefully all works out when it arrives. It says FedEx should deliver it on the 25th...but that in itself doesn't make sense, because it's only in Northboro ('departed from location' so possibly even closer), which is a short drive from here. Hell, it could reasonably get here today. WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO KEEP US APART, FEDEX? WHAT'S WITH YOU?

Next time on 'A Blog No One Reads,' I'll be making a post about ponchos, and bitch about how expensive they are. ♥


  1. I would probably wear both of those things together...not gonna lie. Also, I'm glad we are both totally short!

  2. Wow ! I'm fan ! the dress is amazing.