Thursday, April 7, 2011

11; Errands turn into a date downtown ♥

So my fiancée Kathryn needed to go downtown today to the notary with her massage therapy application. She'd been wanting to get a ride down to the notary office, but today was such a nice day that she asked me if I felt like hiking down there on foot. Naturally, I said yes. (I need the exercise.) Again, being such a nice day, and with her being in such a good mood lately, she asked if I also wanted to get lunch at our favourite café afterward. Once again, I agreed.

So, I decided that I wanted to dress up. I've been loving the maxi dress I bought from Disarming Darling on her eBay store and wanted to wear it while the weather was cooperating. It's been getting warmer these days, and I've been all sorts of excited.

We went downtown, got the notary business done, hit the ATM, and I pulled out some cash because I realised that I missed our one local antique store and wanted to see how much it had changed in the year since I last visited.

Where we ate is the Wholesome café, one of the best little places I've ever eaten. They make everything with organic and/or locally grown ingredients, and many things are made from scratch. I had the super delicious California Wrap, made of spinach, sprouts, cucumber, goat cheese, carmellized onions, and pesto in a wheat wrap. I...can't remember what Kathryn got. It's called 'The Veggie' but to my understanding, it was basically the same (spinnach and sprouts) but with carrot and...other things. It was also on Ezekiel bread. We also got the best damned blueberry smoothie ever created.

After that, we hit the antique store, and I found a lovely purse for only five bucks!

Our vantage point at our current favourite table.

This is a blueberry smoothie done right. Made from scratch with almond milk and rice-based ice cream. It's pretty damn amazing.

(Ugh, weird face.) The dress I bought from Disarming Darling. Had to hem up the bottom and the straps, so it fits a lot better now. You can't tell, but I'm also wearing that silver antique ear cuff that I was bidding on in that one post I made about ear cuffs. I really love this dress. ♥

The five dollar purse. Had to cut the strap down which made the leather a little funky there, but no big deal. It's a really cute bag. I worship upholstery-style floral print.

And this post is going to be a little short, because our internet is being really dumb tonight and is taking forever to do the simplest of tasks. God knows when I'll be able to update Lookbook or Chictopia.

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